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AEM Induction 21-2145DK

AEM Induction 21-2145DK

AEM Induction#598-21-2145DK

Dryflow Air Filter; Oval; 3.5 in. Flange ID;1.563 in. Flange L; 5.5 in. Base Outside W/4 in. Top Outside L; 8.5 in. Base Outside L/6.25 in. Top Outside L; Centered; Rubber;

AEM Induction 21-2145DK Details

  • Cleanable And Reusable
  • Eliminates Warranty Issues
  • True Hard-Core Performance Filter
  • Lifetime Reusable Element
  • Bullet Proof Construction
  • Traps More Dirt And Smaller Particles

  • AEM Induction 598-21-2145DK

    Height (in.)
    Diameter Inside (in.)
    Diameter Outside (in.)
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