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AEM 30-2355-350 - AEM No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount

AEM 30-2355-350 - AEM No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount

JEGS Part Number: 017-30-2355-350

No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount
  • 3.5" Tube

    AEM's No-Weld O2 Sensor Mounts enables users to mount an O2 sensor without having to weld a sensor bung onto the exhaust. If you need to mount an O2 sensor and don't know how to weld or can't find someone who can, this is a permanent solution that replaces a welded in O2 bung. Simply drill a hole in the exhaust, install the gasket, and bolt the clamp. It's that easy!

    AEM 017-30-2355-350

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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