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AFCO 9850-6511 - U.S. Brake Rotors

AFCO 9850-6511 - U.S. Brake Rotors

JEGS Part Number: 921-9850-6511

Ford-Style Brake Rotor
  • 5 x 4-1/2'' Bolt Circle
  • 1/2'' Wheel Studs
  • 1/pkg

    AFCO 9850-6511 - U.S. Brake Rotors Details

    1975-81 Ford Pinto & Ford Mustang II

  • Not an OE replacement
  • Designed for GM Metric Calipers
  • Must use Caliper Brackets 921-40121PL and 921-40121PR

  • Street/Drag/IMCA-Style Replacement Brake Rotors
    The Ford versions of these vaned rotors are 2.5 pounds lighter yet 10% stronger than original equipment while the GM rotors are 2.75 pounds lighter and 25% stronger than stock. Extra long wheel studs and bearing races are already installed.

    Hybrid Replacement Brake Rotors
    The AFCO Hybrid rotor combines the strength of a 75-81 Ford Pinto style hub with the lighter design of the Metric brake rotor for an unbeatable lightweight, and durable package. How lightweight? An astounding 14.8 pounds for the rotor with 5/8'' studs! This means it is possible to remove up to 13 pounds of un-sprung weight on the front of your car. This will improve front to rear weight bias, and wheel control. Bolt pattern is 5'' x 5''. The U.S. Brake Hybrid Rotor uses totally new castings designed and built specifically for racing and is IMCA legal. Measuring 10.3'' in Diameter and 0.813'' thick, this rotor will require the use of U.S. Brake caliper brackets 921-40122PL and 921-40122PR.

    AFCO 921-9850-6511

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
    AFCO 40121PL - AFCO Caliper Bracket - Pinto Spindle to GM Caliper
    Only $49.99

    JEGS Performance Products 630671 - JEGS Brake Pad Spacer
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    AFCO 40121PR - AFCO Caliper Bracket - Pinto Spindle to GM Caliper
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    JEGS Performance Products 80665 - JEGS Brake Fluid Tester
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