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AFR - Airflow Research 2101-1 - AFR BB-Chevy Magnum Aluminum Cylinder Head

AFR - Airflow Research 2101-1 - AFR BB-Chevy  Magnum Aluminum Cylinder Head
AFR - Airflow Research 2101-1 - AFR BB-Chevy Magnum Aluminum Cylinder Head

JEGS Part Number: 033-2101-1

325cc Rectangle Port 24° Magnum Aluminum Cylinder Heads
  • BB-Chevy
  • 121cc Combustion Chambers
  • 1.625'' Valve Spring
  • 275 lbs. Seat Pressure
  • .850'' Max Lift
  • 100% CNC Combustion Chambers
  • Assembled
  • Sold in Pairs, 2/pkg.

    AFR - Airflow Research 2101-1 Details

    100% CNC Combustion Chamber Package

    Big Block Chevy 325cc Rectangle Port 24° Magnum Basic Package Components
    100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
    Bowl Blended Exhaust Ports
    Bowl Blended Intake Ports
    Competition 5-Angle Valve Job
    Intake Valve, 2.300'' x 5.500'' Overall Length
    Exhaust Valve, 1.880'' x 5.442'' Overall Length
    1.625'' OD PAC Racing Solid Roller Valve Spring, 275 lbs. on seat, .850'' maximum lift, max RPM 7400-7600
    10º Manley 4140 Chrome Moly Retainers
    10º Valve Locks
    7/16'' Rocker Studs
    Adjustable 3/8'' Guide Plates
    Viton Valve Seals
    Hardened Spring Seat
    Intake Valve Seats
    Exhaust Valve Seats
    Bronze Valve Guides
    Big Block Chevy 325cc Rectangle Port 24° Magnum Head Specifications
    Head Torque w/Moly Lube 75 Ft. Lbs.
    Rocker Stud Torque 55 Ft. Lbs.
    Intake Port Gasket, 1.720'' x 2.450'' with 1/2'' radius Fel-Pro 375-1275 - DO NOT PORT MATCH Intake Manifold to Fel-Pro Gasket.
    Exhaust Port Gasket AFR 033-6858
    Head Gasket Mark IV 4.540'' Bore, Fel Pro 375-1017
    AFR 033-6850
    Head Gasket Mark V - VI Up to 4.500'' Bore, Fel Pro 375-1047
    Head Gasket Mark V - VI 4.500'' to 4.600'' Bore, Fel Pro 375-17049
    Head Bolts & Studs Standard ARP
    Head Bolt Washers Manley Standard
    Stud Girdle AFR 033-6210
    Suggested Manifold Edelbrock 350-2907 & 350-2927 or Brodix 158-HV2000 & 158-HV2001
    Spark Plug Starting Range Champion C59C, Autolite 3932
    Combustion Chambers 121cc Fully CNC'd
    Intake Port Volume 325cc Partially Ported
    Exhaust Port Volume N/A
    Spring Pocket can be cut to 1.750, no deeper.
    Valve Spacing Standard
    Rocker Arms Standard
    Valve Angle 24° / 4° Intake ; 15° / 4° Exhaust
    Angle Mill, 104cc Maximum .009'' per cc
    Flat Mill, As Cast 108cc, CNC 114cc Maximum .006'' per cc
    NOTE: Flat and Angle mills might require a .120'' thick head gasket.

    AFR BB-Chevy Magnum Aluminum Cylinder Head

    Years of research and development have been invested to bring you the ultimate in bolt on performance for your Big Block Chevrolet. Airflow Research is proud to introduce our BB Chevy Aluminum cylinder heads. AFR's highly efficient port designs outflow the competition at every lift-point, even those with considerably larger runner volumes. An exclusive new combustion chamber design provides impressive swirl figures and help these heads generate big low and mid-lift airflow numbers. Considerable time has been spent to bring you a cylinder head which maximizes the entire flow curve, not just the big peak numbers. This aids in a much better ''cylinder fill'' and dramatically increases engine ''average'' airflow consumption (also spelled Horsepower!) The high velocity port designs help enhance engine acceleration as well as torque output. Structural features like our trademark 3/4'' head deck (a must for blown or nitrous engines), reinforced rocker stud bosses, and thick wall runners provide unparalleled durability, helping to create the strongest Big Block Chevy castings available today. Both intake and exhaust valve angles have been rolled two degrees to improve flow characteristics and provide a more efficient burn in the combustion chamber. The Unmatched Magnum version features combustion chambers with intake ports available at 305, 315, 325, 335, 345 and 357cc's. ''As Cast'' leaves the ports untouched or non-machined, so you can machine/tune your head the way that best fits your set up.

    AFR - Airflow Research 2101-1

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