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ARP 430-3507 - ARP Stainless Starter Bolts

ARP 430-3507 - ARP Stainless Starter Bolts


Stainless Starter Bolts
  • Hex Head
  • All 2 ea. Long
  • 3/8'' Bolt
  • 4.450 UHL
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1955-1959
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    ARP 430-3507 - ARP Stainless Starter Bolts

    Installing starter motors in the cramped confines of a race car is simplified by use of ARP's special bolts, which feature small diameter heads to make accessibility more convenient. They are stronger than OEM and industrial grades, and especially suited for use on cars that use rear motor plates. These starter bolts are made from ARP 300, a 100% maintenance free stainless steel material that is stronger than Grade 8 hardware and tough enough to easily withstand the strain of a 10 to 15 pound starter contilevered off the back of an engine. Bolts have standard shank knurling. Rated at 170,000 psi. Includes washers, as required.

    ARP 070-430-3507

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