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Accel Spark Plugs 0124-4 - Accel Copper Core Spark Plugs

Accel Spark Plugs 0124-4 - Accel Copper Core Spark Plugs
Accel Spark Plugs 0124-4 - Accel Copper Core Spark Plugs

JEGS Part Number: 111-0124-4

Copper Core Spark Plugs
  • 14mm Thread
  • 3/8'' Reach
  • Gasket Seat
  • Non-Projected Tip
  • 13/16''Hex
  • Non-Resistor Type
  • C-Cut Ground Electrode
  • Heat Range: 4
  • 4/pkg.
    • $14.27 Ships

    Accel Spark Plugs 0124-4 Details

    14mm Thread, 3/8'' Reach, 13/16'' Hex, Gasket Seat - Non-Projected Tip

  • Standard; Blister Pack
  • U-Groove Ground Electrode
  • Five-Rib Aluminum Insulator
  • Copper Core Nickel/Chrome Steel
  • Electric Heat Seal
  • Copper-Glass Gas-Tight Seal
  • Less Flame Dissipation

  • Accel Copper Core Spark Plugs

    Since the mid 1980's, Accel's U-Groove spark plugs have set the standard for high performance spark plugs. Accel engineers developed and patented the U-Groove technology which permitted the spark to develop a much larger, hotter and fuller flash front. That effectively gave a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Over the past 25 years engine head design and fuel management technology has changed. As a result, Accel is moving away from the U-Groove construction to the familiar "conventional" style ground electrode. In addition, the upper insulator will now be white instead of yellow, and available in convenient 4-packs.

    Bottom line...This one-piece construction spark plug with conventional ground electrode provides exceptional performance and value by producing:
  • Hotter Spark/Faster Burn Rate for more power at high rpms
  • Improved Throttle Response, Fuel Economy, and Reduced Fouling
  • Reduced Mis-fires
  • Purified Alumina Insulator to prevent arcing
  • Machine-rolled threads to protect heads

    Note: The last digit in the part number of the spark plug represents the spark plug heat range. 1 is the coldest. 7 is the hottest.
    Example: 111-0111-4 is the coolest plug and 111-0116-4 is the hottest in that specific style spark plug.

    Click Here for Accel Spark Plug Cross Reference

    Spark Plug Heat Range Explanation, Click Here

  • Accel Spark Plugs 0124-4

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