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Aeromotive 11117 - Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive 11117 - Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pumps
Aeromotive 11117 - Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pumps

JEGS Part Number: 027-11117

High-Flow Hex Drive Fuel Pump

Aeromotive Belt Drive Fuel Pumps

The Big Block Chevy Belt Drive Kit can produce 2 to 200 psi with enough volume to support a 2500 HP Big Block Chevy. Designed to mount lower left (modification required to mount on right).

Kit Includes:
  • Fuel pump 027-11105 (below)
  • Pump pulley & crank pulley
  • Billet drive mandrel & cog belt
  • Mounting bracket, adjustment shims, and hardware

    If needed, compatible regulators for the kit are sold separately:
  • EFI applications use regulator 027-13113
  • Carbureted gasoline applications use regulator 027-13202 or 027-13212
  • Carbureted alcohol applications use 027-13209 or 027-13214

    The Big Block Chevy Belt Drive Fuel System guarantees unmatched pressure control and precise, accurate, repeatable, reliable fuel delivery for carbureted methanol or ethanol vehicles. It includes kit 027-17241 (above) and regulator 027-13209. Matched components maximize performance & consistency. Idle pressure can be adjusted separately from high-RPM settings without other jets, pills, or valves.

    Billet Fuel Pumps are designed to solve fuel delivery problems in high-HP carbureted gasoline, carbureted methanol, or EFI applications. Available standard or high-flow with belt or hex drive, all billet fuel pumps are lightweight and compact. Standard pumps have ORB-10 ports and 3600 HP gas/1800 HP methanol ratings. High-flow pumps have removable ports with 1.25" inlet/-12AN O-ring outlet and 5000 HP gas/2500 HP methanol ratings. Hex units can be mounted and driven directly from the back of a properly prepared external oil pump or by the cam via timing cover adapter. They use a 3/8" hex drive shaft and adjustable billet collar with 3-bolt mounting pattern and hardware.

    The Belt Drive Fuel Pump Kit is designed to provide the do-it-yourselfer with the components necessary to correctly install a full-on Aeromotive fuel system: fuel pump 027-11105 (below), universal billet collar bracket, and 28-tooth cog-driven pulley. The bracket allows pump mounting on the left or right of the damper. Compatible with carbureted or fuel-injected engines from 250 to 2000 horsepower.

  • Aeromotive 11117

    New Or Remanufactured
    Housing Material
    billet aluminum
    Inlet Diameter
    Outlet Diameter
    Free Flow Rate
    4,500 lbs./hr.
    Inlet Attachment
    Inlet Quantity
    Maximum Pressure (psi)
    Outlet Attachment
    Female threads
    Sold individually
    Inlet Size (in.)
    Outlet Quantity
    Outlet Size
    -12 AN O-ring
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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