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Aeromotive 18652 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System & Pumps

Aeromotive 18652 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System & Pumps
Aeromotive 18652 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System & Pumps

JEGS Part Number: 027-18652

Eliminator Stealth Kit
  • Sump Assembly Only

    Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System & Pumps

    Aeromotive is proud to release the new line of Stealth Fuel Systems. Raising the standard for high performance fuel delivery on the street and at the track, the new Stealth Fuel Systems take performance fuel delivery to the next level by going "in-tank". The new baffled Stealth Sump Kit and the Mustang Stealth Tank feature one of Aeromotive's state-of-the-art in-line fuel pumps, either the A1000 or Eliminator, and are now available for ordering.

    An evolution of the popular baffled, weld-in sump (027-18650), the new Stealth Systems feature the same leading-edge sump design. Only the new Stealth Sump is delivered with one of their in-line, high flow billet fuel pumps and 100-micron Stainless Steel Filters, pre-installed inside the sump box. Beyond the obvious performance and cosmetic advantages, the new Stealth sump features ultimate ease of service, with a dry-break filter cover that allows for service and cleaning of the filter without dropping or draining the tank! The new Stealth Sump box protects your billet pump and fuel filter from external heat and debris, proves ultimate ease of service and helps minimize hot fuel handling issues while dramatically reducing audible fuel pump noise.

    Aeromotive Stealth Systems will be offered as part of six new kits. A universal Stealth Kit featuring the A1000 or Eliminator Sump for almost any fuel tank. And for the Mustang, the same A1000 or Eliminator sump, pre-welded into their Fox Body Mustang Fuel Tank. Also, a complete Stealth Fuel System is available featuring the Mustang Stealth Sumped Tank and everything needed for a complete system installation.

    Aeromotive 18652

    Clamps Included
    Fittings Included
    Fuel Filter Included
    Boost/Vacuum Reference Port
    Free Flow Rate
    800 lbs./hr.
    Fuel Line Included
    Fuel Pressure Regulator Included
    Fuel Pump Included
    Maximum Fuel Pressure (psi)
    Sold as a kit
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