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Altronics DQ-PS100

Pressure Sensor 0-100 PSI

Altronics DQ-PS100
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Altronics DQ-PS100 Pressure Sensor 0-100 PSI $239.99
Pressure Sensor
  • 0-100 PSI

  • Altronics DQ-PS100 Details

    Optional Components

  • Stainless Steel
  • Connect to Main Control Unit or Networked Sensor Nodes Modules

  • Specifications:

    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Data Recording at Your Fingertips!

    DataQuest utilizes the latest technology in visual high speed, networked, and modular data acquisition systems. Expandable to a 43 channel capacity.
    DataQuest components are comprised of a Main Control Unit (MCU), Networked Sensor Nodes (SN), high resolution full color touch screen dash display (TSD), and high capacity SD memory card.

    Main Control Unit (MCU) provides 11 high speed Digital and Analog channels recording @1000 Samples/Sec.
    The MCU measures 6.5'' x 4.12'' x 1.12''.
    These built in channels include Engine Rpm, Drive Shaft RPM, Clutch or Converter RPM, Battery Voltage, 3-Axis Accelerometer, and 4 Auxiliary sensor channels (suitable for general purpose or suspension analysis sensing).
    MCU contains secure locking wire harness connections for sub system components, removable SD memory card for data storage, USB port for Real-Time data monitoring and downloadable firmware updates to a PC, and GPS port for track mapping capability. MCU has 4 programmable relayed outputs that can be activated by any channel or sensor value or warning limit.

    Software : Software: DataQuest's System Configuration and Data Review software is integrated in the RaceWORKS Racing Data Base Logbook. The Configuration menu provides a clear and easy interface to setup sensor and touch screen parameters. It also allows for enabling each channels warning and system shift light/outputs. Pop-Up help provides instructions for each parameter. Review software provides an intuitive, full featured interface for reviewing data. Zoom, Pan, Nudge and Filter channel data as well as setup math functions on data for complex analysis.
    DataQuest's software can overlay multiple recordings, display track mapping (GPS option required), and allow for Real-Time data collection when connected to the system.

    SD card memory : DataQuest utilizes Secure Digital (SD) card memory to hold all recorded data. These high capacity cards allow for storing literally hundreds of drag race runs, many road course laps, or hours of straight data recording. The removable SD card allows for easy transfer of data to your PC for storage and analysis with the Dataquest's full featured graphing review software for you PC.

    Optional Components:
    Touch Screen Dash Display (TSD) is a full color, high brightness touch panel display that measures 8.25'' x 4.5'' x 1.25''.
    This optional component truly sets the DataQuest system apart from the rest. TSD features System Setup, Real-Time, Record, and Playback modes in both Graph and Gauge screen formats.
    TSD will completely replace conventional dash gauges by being able to display up to 40 different vehicle parameters on a programmable screen. 10 selectable screens can be customized to show engine RPM and any 4 of up to 40 available channels. Each channel has programmable High/Low warning limits that can trip outputs and change color on warning. TSD provides recorded data playback directly on screen, eliminating need for PC downloading.
    Select any recorded run and see data on a Gauge or Graphing formatted Screens. Play, Pause, Fast Forward, or Rewind your data!
    TSD can display Shift and Warnings directly on screen eliminating need for ''shift'' or ''warning'' lights.

    Networked Sensor Nodes Modules (SN) are connected via a high speed CAN Network recording@100 Sample/Sec.
    Up to eight SN's (32 individual sensors, 4 sensors per module) can be daisy chain linked through a Single cable. Each SN can provide 4 sensor inputs for Analog, Digital, EGT, Temperature, Air/Fuel, Position, Flow, or any other sensor type. Clearly labeled terminal blocks inside the SN allow for easy wire connections (water resistant) and field trim able cable lengths for clean and easy system installation.

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