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Auburn Gear 542030 - Auburn Gear HP Differentials

Auburn Gear 542030 - Auburn Gear HP Differentials
Auburn Gear 542030 - Auburn Gear HP Differentials

JEGS Part Number: 109-542030

Pro Series Differential
  • Toyota 8-7/8'' 1968-89
  • 12-Bolt
  • 30-Spline Axle
  • Fits All Gear Ratios

    Auburn Gear 542030 Details

    Toyota 8.875''

    Technical Note: 1967 & prior must update to 30-tooth axle shafts

    Auburn Gear HP Differentials

    Put More Power to the Pavement!

    Auburn Gear High Performance (HP) Differentials outperform all competitors in terms of torque bias... only Auburn's Pro Series provides more torque bias. Torque bias is the ability of any limited slip differential to transfer torque from the low traction wheel to the high traction wheel. It is Auburn's unique cone clutch arrangement that provides the mechanical advantage over plate or gear type limited slip differentials. Features 1-Year Warranty and 4-Year Replacement/Exchange. Made in the USA.

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  • Differential Assembly/Disassembly Instructions
  • Installation Manual

  • Auburn Gear 542030

    Aftermarket Carrier Style
    Limited slip
    Axle Shaft Spline Quantity
    Carrier Material
    Ductile iron
    Cover Bolts
    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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