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Auburn Gear 542048 - Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials

Auburn Gear 542048 - Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials
Auburn Gear 542048 - Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials
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JEGS Part Number: 109-542048

Pro Series Differential
  • Ford 7.5''
  • 10-Bolt
  • 28-Spline Axle
  • Fits All Gear Ratios
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1978-2011
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    Auburn Gear 542048 Details

    Ford 7.5''

    Technical Notes:
  • All Ford products with 7-1/2'' ring gear. Accepts tone ring for ABS applications.
  • Ford 7.5'' applications require special ''C'' washers, which are supplied with the differential. Includes milled pinion shaft to accept 3.73-4.56 ratios.

  • Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials

    The Auburn Gear high-bias torque Pro Series limited-slip differential out performs virtually every standard OEM differential. Pro Series differentials deliver usable traction and faster engagement for controlled power transfer and lightning-fast reaction. Pro Series differentials provide superior performance through a unique cone-clutch design that transfers more power to the high-traction wheel for quick acceleration and tight cornering.
    The Auburn Gear limited-slip differential employs an integral cone clutch side gear unit that creates friction with the carrier to drive both tires. The highly efficient torque transfer capability of the Auburn Gear limited-slip differential is achieved through the use of cone clutches coupled to beveled side gears. As torque is transmitted through the differential side gears to the axle shafts, the side gear separating forces and spring pre-load firmly seat the cones into the differential case. The cone design, along with the applied force, determines the torque transfer capability of the differential. When torque levels decrease, as in a cornering maneuver, the gear separating forces also decrease, allowing the axle shafts to rotate independently. This unequally divides the torque between the two wheels, delivering more torque (bias torque) to the wheel with the most traction. Made in the USA.

  • Smooth, fast, high-bias torque-sensing power
  • Cone-clutch design
  • Out-of-the-box ready for ring and pinion installation
  • Made in the USA

  • Auburn Gear 542048

    Aftermarket Carrier Style
    Limited slip
    Axle Shaft Spline Quantity
    Carrier Material
    Ductile iron
    Cover Bolts
    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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