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Auto Meter 9202 - Auto Meter Battery Extenders

Auto Meter 9202 - Auto Meter Battery Extenders

Auto Meter#105-9202

12-16 Volt Battery Extender

Auto Meter 9202 - Auto Meter Battery Extenders Details

  • Lightweight And Compact Design
  • Portable and Easy To Store
  • Micro Controlled Charging
  • Keep Perfect Full Charge Battery
  • Dead Battery Warning
  • Continually Maintains
  • Will Not Boil Or Overcharge
  • Maximizes Battery Life

  • Auto Meter 9202 - Auto Meter Battery Extenders

    Charge Your Battery Without Overcharging

    The Battery Extender is designed to maximize the life of a serviceable 12-volt lead acid battery. This means a vehicle battery will not give the annual dead battery surprise when removed from storage. The Extender keeps your battery at full charge on a continuous basis. When a battery is not keep at full charge it becomes sulfated, which is the main reason for premature battery failure. The Battery Extender should be used to charge and maintain all starting and deep cycle batteries in storage or that do not receive daily use. The Extender is fully compatible with gelled electrolyte (gel-cell) batteries. It's superior circuitry automatically delivers the correct charge to compensate for cars that are equipped with computers that require a continuous battery power supply to maintain data memory. Quality built-in and assured with circuit burn-in, as well as computerized testing and inspection to ensure top quality and performance. Care in handling and occasional cleaning of the leads and housing will keep it looking like new, and give you many years of satisfaction. The Extender also comes with two different plug in lead sets. A set with ring terminals that installs permanently in your vehicle makes it easy to quickly plug the Extender in at any time. Also included is a lead set with battery clips for batteries not in use or in storage. Also, allows you to to maintain two batteries on a single Extender by running the batteries in parallel by hooking up a positive and negative lead from battery 1 to battery 2 and hooking the Extender to one of the batteries. The Battery Extender will keep both batteries maintained at a full charge.

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