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BD Diesel 1081140 - BD Diesel Performance X Monitor Gauges & Kits

BD Diesel 1081140 - BD Diesel Performance X Monitor Gauges & Kits
BD Diesel 1081140 - BD Diesel Performance X Monitor Gauges & Kits

JEGS Part Number: 151-1081140

Low Fuel Pressure LED Alarm Kit
  • 2003-07 Ford 6.0L
  • Red LED

    BD Diesel 1081140 Details

    Accessory Kits

    A lift pump unable to develop more than 50 psi will result in low horsepower, loss of fuel mileage, and could cause costly damage to your injection system. Keep an eye on your trucks fuel system with the BD Diesel Low Fuel Pressure LED Kit. It incorporates a red LED light that illuminates when the lift pump pressure falls below a normal level. This inexpensive piece offers you protection with an easy to install design.

    BD Diesel Performance X Monitor Gauges & Kits

    What good is your diesel truck's power if you can't monitor it?
    X Monitors display three functions simultaneously: boost pressure and exhaust & transmission temperatures. All have limits; when a limit is met or exceeded, the monitor flashes a warning. Choose between a driver's side A-pillar or dashtop mount. Basic accessory kits are also available.

    Tech Note: Exhaust temperature is monitored by inserting a pyrometer probe in the exhaust flow, which can be mounted before or after the turbocharger. When mounted after the turbo, temperatures vary from 300°F to 1000°F; when mounted before the turbo, 300°F to 1200°F is a normal range during working levels. Choose the temperature not to be exceeded, and that number will flash when achieved. If you don't have enough turbocharger boost pressure under heavy loads, the result can be excessive operating temperatures. Transmission oil temperatures reflect how hard you are working the transmission, and oil breaks down quickly once it reaches 270°F. Extreme temperatures shorten transmission life so setting a 250°F limit is suggested.

    BD Diesel 1081140

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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