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Biondo ELITE500 - Biondo Elite 500 Delay Box

Biondo ELITE500 - Biondo Elite 500 Delay Box


Elite 500 Delay Box

Biondo ELITE500 - Biondo Elite 500 Delay Box

The Biondo Elite 500 delay box now features Multi-Tap Function. The Multi-tap was developed to give racers a better chance of winning when they have completely missed the tree. This new driver selectable feature allows multiple Tap Downs to be taken with a single press of the Multi-tap button, meaning large amounts of delay time can be quickly subtracted.

The Elite 500 delay box also has other enhanced features, including the ability now to Tap Up and Down on the same pass.The Pro Mode of the delay box has been expanded and can function as a complete delay box on its own, now having its own two dedicated Four Stage Timers! No more having to switch between Pro Mode and Bracket Mode to enter Pro Mode times!Shift by time up to five times whether in Pro or Bracket mode. Both modes have independent settings for shift points.

Another enhanced feature is the expanded Driver's Reaction Tester, which now includes a large built-in LED, to match real track conditions. And while using the Driver's Reaction Tester, the Elite 500 will keep track of your current, fastest, slowest, and average reaction times.

  • Crossover Delay Box
  • CrossTalk Compatible
  • 1 or 2 hits at the tree with built in 'How Late' feature
  • Tap Up and Tap Down to .001 seconds on the same pass
  • All-new Multi-tap feature
  • 3 push-button modes
  • Push-button Interrupt safety feature
  • Two 4 Stage Timers in bracket mode (programmable to thousandths)
  • Two 4 Stage Timers in Pro mode (programmable to thousandths)
  • Starting Line Enhancer (SLE)
  • Shift up to 5 times by Time in both Bracket and Pro Mode
  • Selectable Function Output (SFO)
    - Line Locks for anti-roll staging
    - Starting Line Enhancer
    - Second 4 Stage Timer
    - Spare Transbrake
  • Expanded Driver Reaction Tester
  • Expanded Pro Mode
  • The largest back lit display ever, displays 4 lines of data at once
  • Back lit keypad
  • Glove Friendly
  • New back up feature

  • Same size as the Mega 450!
  • Face Size: 6-11/16'' x 5'' x 1-3/4''
  • Overall Size: 8-11/16'' x 5'' x 1-3/4''
  • 12- and 16-Volt compatible
  • 5 -- Push-button inputs
  • 4 -- 12 Amp outputs (Transbrake, SFO, Throttle Stop and Shift)

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