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Biondo TS2P-S - Biondo Throttle Stops & Accessories

Biondo TS2P-S - Biondo Throttle Stops & Accessories

JEGS Part Number: 376-TS2P-S

CO2 2-Position Throttle Control
  • Two Stainless Steel Cylinders with High-Temp Seals
  • Brass Solenoid Valve
  • 12V Manifold Valve
  • Quick Disconnect Plastic and Brass Air Fittings

    Biondo TS2P-S - Biondo Throttle Stops & Accessories Details

    Throttle Stops

    Biondo Racing offers this new 2-Position Throttle Control for racers who want two separate, closed throttle settings.

  • Built with top-quality stainless steel cylinders
  • Part of Biondo's new Easy Start System, giving you two different closed throttle" settings (one for the starting line, another for down track)
  • Can be used as a "double" down-track throttle control for two different down-track throttle settings

  • Biondo Throttle Stops control throttle from a preset launch RPM to full throttle, all while the gas pedal is on the floor. These CO2-operated throttle stops hook to the throttle linkage and draw only a quarter amp of current. They work with or without a timer, can be used in place of a 2-step box, and won't affect carb or pedal height.

    Note: CO2 bottle kit not included

    Biondo 376-TS2P-S

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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