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Bosch 15730 - Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors

Bosch 15730 - Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors

JEGS Part Number: 149-15730

Bosch O2 Sensor

Properly functioning oxygen sensors are important when it comes to your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. That's why checking for, and possibly replacing, a worn-out oxygen sensor is an important part of every routine vehicle tune-up. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor will save you money!

A worn oxygen sensor:
  • Wastes fuel
  • Can cause engine performance problems, such as surging and hesitating
  • Is the number one cause of excessive harmful exhaust emissions
  • Accelerates catalytic converter damage

  • Bosch 149-15730

    Thread Diameter
    Connector Shape
    Universal Or Specific Fit
    Wire Quantity
    Various - Application Specific
    Body Type
    Various - Application Specific
    Mounting Type
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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