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Bosch 4019 - Bosch Platinum Plus Spark Plugs

Bosch 4019 - Bosch Platinum Plus Spark Plugs


Spark Plug Platinum
  • Fits Applications:
  • 1981-1988
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Bosch 4019 - Bosch Platinum Plus Spark Plugs

If you want to experience quicker starts, smoother acceleration and increased fuel efficiency, Bosch Platinum Plus is the spark plug for you. Only Bosch Platinum Plus features a platinum center electrode that's heat-fused into an extended ceramic insulator to eliminate air gaps which exist in platinum alloy-tipped plugs. And now Bosch Platinum Plus features a tapered, yttrium-enhanced v-profile ground electrode that extends the service life 25% longer than the original Bosch Platinum Spark Plug.

This superior design reaches its self-cleaning temperature faster. And with a lower ignition voltage requirement, Bosch Platinum Plus provides reliable starting in hot and cold weather extremes and provides a more reliable spark at higher RPM's without misfires.

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