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Brodix 2181002

Big Duke PB 1802 Series Cylinder Head 456cc Rectangle Intake Ports

Brodix 2181002

Part Number: 158-2181002

Big Duke PB 1802 Series Cylinder Head
  • 456cc Rectangle Intake Ports
  • 91cc Combustion Chambers
  • 2.400'' Intake / 1.900'' Exhaust Valves
  • 1.625'' Dia. Springs - 255# Seat Pressure
  • Titanium Retainers
  • Assembled, 1/pkg.
  • $2,008.25
    Ships 10/07/16
    if Ordered Today
    Made In USA
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    Brodix 2181002 Big Duke PB 1802 Series Cylinder Head 456cc Rectangle Intake Ports $2,008.25

    Brodix 2181002 Details

    PB 1802 Series Cylinder Heads

  • 456cc Intake Port Volume
  • 1.625'' Diameter Valve Springs - 745# Open, 255# Closed Spring Pressure
  • Cylinder Head Specifications
  • Intake Port Volume: 456cc - Rectangle Port
  • Combustion Chamber Volume: 91cc
  • Valves: 2.400'' dia. x 6.600'' o.a.l. Stainless Steel Intake (45° Valve Seat Angle) / 1.900'' dia. x 6.450'' o.a.l. Stainless Steel Exhaust (45° Valve Seat Angle) ( 11/32'' Stem Diameter )
  • Valve Springs: 1.625'' Diameter - Open Pressure: 745 lbs.; Closed Pressure: 255 lbs.; Installed Height: 2.050''; Max Lift: .800''
  • Spring Retainers: 1.625'' 10° Titanium
  • Rocker Studs: Shaft System Required
  • Guide Plates: N/A
  • Valve Seals: 11/32''
  • Spark Plug Configuration: Angled

    Facts and Related Components
  • Torque Heads: 70 ft-lb.
  • Torque Rocker Studs: 40-45 ft-lb.
  • Intake Gasket: Cometic 245-C5419, Fel-Pro 375-1298
  • Head Gasket: 4.540'' Bore - Fel-Pro p/n 375-1017, Cometic p/n 245-C5433; 4.600'' Bore - Fel-Pro p/n 375-1057, Cometic p/n 245-C5434
  • Exhaust Gasket: Fel-Pro p/n 375-1412 or Cometic p/n 245-C5418
  • Head Studs: ARP p/n 070-235-4712 (12-point)
  • Spark Plug Specs: 14mm Thread, .750'' (3/4'') Reach, Gasket Seat
  • Valve Angle: 18° and 4° Intake, 9° and 4° Exhaust
  • Angle Milling: N/A
  • Flat Milling: .0055'' per cc
  • Pushrod Slots: Standard
  • Pushrods: Check pushrod clearance with head installed on the engine block before final assembly
  • Rocker Arms: Shaft Mounted System - T&D 3036, Jesel KPS 22797
  • Lifters: Standard
  • Pistons: 18° x 9° Valve Piston
  • Spring Pockets: May not be cut any larger or deeper than 1.750''
  • Accessory Bolt Holes are Drilled
  • Recommended Intake Manifold: Brodix PM 1800 (p/n 158-PM1800) / PM 1810 (p/n 158-PM1810)

  • Specifications:

    Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled
    CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber
    CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner
    CNC-Machined Intake Runner
    Combustion Chamber Volume (cc)
    Cylinder Head Finish
    Cylinder Head Material
    Cylinder Head Style
    Damper Spring Included
    Exhaust Port Location
    Exhaust Port Shape
    Exhaust Valve Angle
    Exhaust Valve Diameter (in.)
    Exhaust Valves Included
    Guideplates Included
    Heat Crossover
    Intake Port Location
    Intake Port Shape
    Intake Runner Volume (cc)
    Intake Valve Angle
    Intake Valve Diameter (in.)
    Intake Valves Included
    Lock Style
    10 degree
    Locks Included
    Machined for O-Ring
    Maximum Valve Lift (in.)
    Number of Springs Per Valve
    Oiling Style
    Through pushrod
    Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in.)
    Sold individually
    Retainer Material
    Retainers Included
    Rocker Arm Nuts Included
    Rocker Arm Studs Included
    Rocker Arms Included
    Steam Holes Drilled
    Valve Cover Mounting Style
    Perimeter bolt
    Valve Guide Material
    Phosphorous bronze
    Valve Guides Included
    Valve Seat Machine Style
    Valve Seat Material
    Ductile iron
    Valve Seats Machined
    Valve Springs Included
    Valve Stem Seals Included
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The Cylinder Head with Pro Stock Lineage!
    18°/4° Intake & 9°/4° Exhaust Valve Angles

    The 18-degree Pro Stock style cylinder heads from Brodix are the Big Dukes! The PB 1800 and PB 1801 series were the original designs in this legendary series. The PB 1802 series is a cast ported version of the PB 1800 series and is capable of flowing over 480 cfm. The PB 1802 series has CNC'd intake port match, fully blended bowls and valve job. The intake/exhaust ports and combustion chambers remain as-cast. The professionals at Brodix have contoured each intake port, exhaust port, and combustion chamber to flow its maximum potential out of the box.
    The revolutionary PB 1803 series cylinder heads from Brodix feature oval intake ports, CNC combustion chambers, and use all the standard components for the 18° Pro Stock head excluding the intake manifold.
    The PB 1803 series has CNC'd combustion chambers, intake port match, fully blended bowls and valve job. The intake/exhaust ports remain as-cast and delivers outstanding out-of-the-box performance. For the 100% CNC-ported BP PB 1803 series, Brodix contacted the best head porters in the business to incorporate their porting design into a fully CNC ported masterpiece. Copper valve seats and a 55-degree valve seat angle make either head an excellent choice when looking for serious torque and horsepower.
    All Big Duke series heads require special pistons, valve covers, head studs, shaft mounted rocker arms, and intake manifold.
    Every casting is poured from A-356 virgin aluminum and tested before Brodix utilizes their in-house processes such as finish machining and heat treating to assure that you receive the best products for your hard-earned money. Other features include a thick deck surface that is compatible with nitrous, drilled and tapped holes on the ends for standard drive accessories, phosphorous bronze valve guides and copper valve seats installed. Sold Individually, 1/pkg. Made in the USA!

      VALVE SPRING   Specs
      1.625'' Diameter Valve Spring for Mechanical Roller Lifter Cam
  • Spring Pressure Open: 745 lbs.
  • Spring Pressure Closed: 255 lbs.
  • Installed Height: 2.050''
  • Max Lift: .800''
  •   1.645'' Diameter Valve Spring for Mechanical Roller Lifter Cam
  • Spring Pressure Open: 945 lbs.
  • Spring Pressure Closed: 330 lbs.
  • Installed Height: 2.100''
  • Max Lift: .875''
  • Items You Need