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Bully Dog 229000 - Bully Dog Rapid Flow Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Bully Dog 229000 - Bully Dog Rapid Flow Air Filter Cleaning Kit
Bully Dog 229000 - Bully Dog Rapid Flow Air Filter Cleaning Kit

JEGS Part Number: 159-229000

RFI Air Filter Cleaning Kit
    $16.47 Ships

Bully Dog 229000 Details

Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Filter Maintenance:
The intake system should be cleaned at least once every three months; in dusty climates the filter should be cleaned more often. Use a Prefilter to extend time between cleaning. Cleaning the intake is a two part process, the first part of the process involves the physical cleaning of the filter with soap and water and the second part involves oiling the filter. To properly clean the filter, a Bully Dog cleaning kit should be used. Cleaning kits are available at any Bully Dog dealer.


  • Remove filter from filter housing. Clean the filter housing if necessary.
  • Begin the cleaning process by ridding the filter of any dirt by lightly tapping it. Then brush away any loose particles with a soft-bristle brush. This step can usually be avoided with the use of a prefilter.
  • Spray cleaner generously over entire filter and let soak for 10 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the filter with regular tap water (avoid high-pressure hoses). Flush from the inside out or clean side to the dirty side to prevent dirt from entering the filter.
  • Let the filter air dry before oiling, do not use any method to speed up the drying process. Using a blow dryer or compressed air can cause the filter to disfigure which would then allow particles to pass through the filter.


  • Apply a small amount of oil to the soft bristle brush and spread the oil over the filter. Be sure to apply a small amount of force so not to damage the filter element.
  • Continue applying oil to the filter using a soft bristle brush until the entire filter is covered in an even amount of oil, just enough to give the filter a solid blue color. Apply enough oil to make the filter a solid and uniform blue, but do not go beyond that.
  • Allow oil to sit for 20 minutes. Re-oil any dry spots that appear. Do not oil filter excessively. Excessive oiling can cause damage to intake sensors.

  • Bully Dog Rapid Flow Air Filter Cleaning Kit

    The RFI Cleaning Kit contains a specially formulated cleaning solution to restore your Rapid Flow Induction Air Filter to like new, for peak performance, without damaging the element's integrity or filtering capabilities.

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