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CSR 104P - CSR Competition Starters

CSR 104P - CSR Competition Starters


Platinum Pro Series Starter
  • Buick V8, 400-455
  • OEM Style Flywheel

    CSR 104P - CSR Competition Starters

    Smaller, lighter, more torque!

    Mini High Torque Starters
    CSR Performance Product offers the ultimate in high torque gear reduction competition starters that have been race proven from large cubic inch racing engines to street cars. CSR's starters are the most dependable, reliable and trouble free starters on the market, designed to meet the most rigorous demands of today’s competition engines. Recommended application 450 CI and under with 12.5:1 compression ratio with 1.9 hp.

    Platinum Pro Series Starters
    CSR Performance Products Platinum Pro Series Starters are designed for all-out competition use. These starters are recommended for ALL engines greater than 450 cubic inches and/or which have compression ratios over 12.5:1 and/or are supercharged. Platinum Pro Series Starters utilize a powerful 2.6 hp Starter motor that provides 40% more torque than our 1.9 hp Mini High Torque Starters and are only 8.5'' long from the center of the mounting hole to the end of the starter to allow for maximum clearance.

    Ultra Light Starters
    CSR Performance Products Ultra Light Starter is incredibly small yet SO POWERFUL! Delivering over 1.6 cranking horsepower along with other features puts this starter in a class by itself! This starter has a compact shape with a permanent field magnet motor for greater header and chassis clearance, along with its indexing flexibility (12 positions) without disassembly. Compare the planetary reduction gear strategy of 6.1:1 to a conventional mini starter with 3.75:1. This starter creates high cranking torque without huge battery power demands. It is recommended in applications with up to 454 CI displacement and a maximum 11.1:1 compression.

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