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CTEK 56-676 - CTEK SmartPass

CTEK 56-676 - CTEK SmartPass


  • Compatible with CTEK D250D Dual (181-56-677)
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    CTEK 56-676 - CTEK SmartPass

    The CTEK SmartPass eliminates the need for units with multiple outputs. All batteries can be charged and maintained through the unit. The CTEK SmartPass converts a 110/230V charger with one output into a unit that serves both the service and starter battery. Provides separation of energy-consuming equipment and service batteries during charging increasing the expected life of 12V devices such as light bulbs, LEDs and other electronics and allows the battery to be charged from the alternator at a level that minimizes recharge time (patent pending). Suitable for Boats, Campervans, Caravans, 4WD, Heavy Vehicles.

  • Battery separation eliminates diodes and VSR relays
  • Charging of service batteries up to 100A, which reduces recharge time
  • Temperature protection reduces charge current at high temperatures
  • Compatible with CTEK D250D Dual (181-56-677)

  • Maximized battery life as a result of reduced incidences where the battery is undercharged
  • Reduced charging times and costs by decreasing engine idling
  • Reduced dependency on AC power on shore through efficient use of alternator and solar power
  • Reduced environmental impact through extended battery life and a reduced idle time
  • Minimal installation time and cost

  • CTEK 181-56-676

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