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Chevrolet Performance CPSLS34L65E2 - Chevrolet Performance E-ROD LS3 6.2L 430HP Connect & Cruise Automatic Transmission Powertrain System

Chevrolet Performance CPSLS34L65E2 - Chevrolet Performance E-ROD LS3 6.2L 430HP Connect & Cruise Automatic Transmission Powertrain System
Chevrolet Performance CPSLS34L65E2 - Chevrolet Performance E-ROD LS3 6.2L 430HP Connect & Cruise Automatic Transmission Powertrain System

JEGS Part Number: 809-CPSLS34L65E2

E-ROD LS3 6.2L 376ci Connect & Cruise Powertrain System
  • 430 HP at 5900 RPM
  • 424 ft/lbs TQ at 4600 RPM
  • Hydra-Matic 4L65-E Four Speed Transmission (2WD Kit)
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    Chevrolet Performance CPSLS34L65E2 Details

  • Engine Type: LS-Series Gen IV Small-Block V-8
  • Displacement: 376ci (6.2L)
  • Bore x Stroke: 4.065'' x 3.622'' (103.25 x 92mm)
  • Block: Cast-aluminum with six-bolt, cross-bolted main caps
  • Crankshaft: Nodular iron
  • Connecting Rods: Powdered metal
  • Pistons: Hypereutectic aluminum
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic roller
  • Valve Lift: .551'' intake / .522'' exhaust
  • Camshaft Duration (@.050 in.): 204° intake / 211° exhaust
  • Cylinder Heads: Aluminum L92-style port; ''as cast'' with 68-cc chambers
  • Valve Size: 2.165'' intake / 1.590'' exhaust
  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
  • Rocker Arms: Investment-cast, roller trunnion
  • Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7:1
  • Recommended Fuel: 92 octane
  • Maximum Recommended rpm: 6600
  • Reluctor Wheel: 58X
  • Balanced: Internal
  • Chevrolet Performance E-ROD LS3 6.2L 430HP Connect & Cruise Automatic Transmission Powertrain System

    CARB-Certified OE Crate Engine Convenience, Assurance, and Value

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    When it comes to performance innovations that save time, money, and guesswork, Chevrolet Performance leads the way. Their groundbreaking E-ROD crate engine packages are the only OE crate engine solution that enables authorized, emissions-compliant high-performance engine replacements for approximately 20 million pre-1996 cars, trucks, and SUVs in California regardless of the make, model, or original powertrain.

    E-ROD Engines deliver on the expectations of a new generation of hot rodders and custom car builders for whom better fuel economy and lower emissions play more important roles in their projects. The E-ROD LSA kit is the latest to receive a California Air Resources Board Executive Order Number, following the original E-ROD LS3 and E-ROD 5.3L. It's CARB-certified for 1995-and-earlier vehicles that predate OBD-II onboard emissions diagnostics. The E-ROD LSA is the same basic power plant that comes in the award-winning Cadillac CTS-V; this supercharged engine is rated at 556 horsepower and 551 ft/lbs torque.

    All E-ROD systems include complete emissions equipment, such as catalytic converters, fuel tank evaporative emissions canister, and engine control module calibrated for a balance of performance and efficiency. E-ROD represents guilt-free, street-legal high-performance for your vintage vehicle. Chevrolet Performance continues to lead the industry with unprecedented Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain Systems (factory-engineered engine and transmission combinations that include all electronic control modules, wiring harnesses, and other key components). Chevrolet Performance engineers match engines and transmissions for optimal performance and durability so you can get every bit of horsepower with total confidence! The specially calibrated controllers are designed for retrofitting older vehicles to simplify installation and operation without the need for third-party tuning.

    Each kit has a new, fully assembled crate engine; new or remanufactured electronically controlled overdrive transmission; electronic control modules for both; and the engine control hardware to get it all running (e.g. mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensors, and special throttle pedal for electronic throttle bodies). The engine controller is calibrated to run the engine without some of the production vehicle features that aren't required in an older vehicle, which means no trouble codes. Better still, the unique SuperMatic transmission controllers are designed to work with the engine controllers for plug-and-play installation that's quick and intuitive. The engineers did the hard work of designing and calibrating these perfectly matched powertrain systems so Chevrolet Performance backs them with a 24-month/50,000-mile limited warranty.

    E-ROD LS3 376ci / 6.2L, 430HP / 424TQ Engine (CARB EO #D-126-30))
    The E-ROD LS3 is rated at 430 HP in this new Connect & Cruise Kit, offering the lightweight advantage of an aluminum cylinder block, aluminum heads, and composite intake manifold over cast iron engines in early cars. It's backed by the 4L65-E four-speed overdrive automatic, which enables great highway cruising performance and fuel economy with the durability of hardened internal parts and five-pinion gearsets.

    E-ROD Kit Includes:
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Catalytic converters
  • Oxygen sensors and sensor bosses
  • Fuel tank evaporative emissions canister
  • Mass airflow sensor and sensor boss
  • Accelerator pedal (for use with the electronic throttle body)
  • Air filter
  • Instructions

    Engine Control Modules and Harnesses
    A precisely calibrated engine control module is essential to making your fuel-injected LS engine perform in your older vehicle, and Chevrolet Performance is your source for controllers that are designed for easy plug-and-play installation and, in most applications, no need for third-party tuning adjustments. Unlike production controllers, these units are calibrated for installation in older vehicles, which means many of the features required for late-model production vehicles are deactivated because they're not required (i.e. features that may trigger diagnostic trouble codes and/or affect performance are disabled).

    Each Chevrolet Performance controller kit is a true stand-alone system. All that's needed to get a vehicle running are power and ground sources, a high-pressure fuel pump and an electric cooling fan.

    Hydra-Matic 4L65-E Four-Speed Automatic Transmission (LS-Series V8)
    Outfit your project vehicle with the efficient and versatile 4L65-E four-speed automatic transmission. With a maximum torque rating of 430 lb-ft, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to get the benefits of an electronically controlled overdrive transmission with high-performance capability.
    Modeled after the popular 4L60-E transmission, the 4L65-E is a heavy-duty transmission with enhanced components, including five-pinion gearsets, heat-treated stator shaft splines, induction-hardened turbine shaft, and more. The result is a dependable automatic transmission designed to complement your high-power engine on the street or the drag strip.

  • Similar in design to the 4L60-E
  • Electronically controlled four-speed overdrive transmission
  • Five-pinion gearsets, heat-treated stator shaft splines, induction-hardened turbine shaft, seven-plate 3.4 clutch
  • Gear Ratios: 1st 3.06, 2nd 1.62, 3rd 1.00, 4th 0.70
  • Rated for up to 430 ft/lbs of torque

    Each Crate Powertrain System Includes:
  • Fully assembled crate engine
  • Transmission & Install Kit
  • Calibrated engine control module
  • Oxygen sensors and mounting bosses (for installation in the exhaust system)
  • Mass airflow meter and mounting boss (for installation in the air intake system)
  • Throttle pedal assembly (for use with the electronically operated throttle)
  • Assembled wiring harness with fuse box and necessary cam sensor and MAP sensor jumpers
  • Oil pressure sensor that is compatible with the harness
  • Instruction sheet
  • GM Warranty

    Chevrolet Performance CPSLS34L65E2

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