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Crane Cams 6000-6700 - Crane Cams HI-6RC Oval Track Ignition

Crane Cams 6000-6700 - Crane Cams HI-6RC Oval Track Ignition
Crane Cams 6000-6700 - Crane Cams HI-6RC Oval Track Ignition

JEGS Part Number: 271-6000-6700

HI-6RC Oval Track Ignition
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Crane Cams HI-6RC Oval Track Ignition

The all new HI-6RC uses computer surface mount technology, in a fully digital design for greater reliability. A 6-pin weatherpak type harness plug is used for ease of installation, with a standard mag trigger input that can come from any type of magnetic trigger distributor. Not only is this plug a sure seal, but the ignition comes completely sealed in urethane and on shock mounts, to protect against vibration, shock, oil and moisture intrusion. Want to choose your rev limit amount? Go ahead, because there is an adjustable rev limiter built in that goes from 900-9,900 RPM in 100 RPM increments, all of which are accurate within 30 RPM of locked-in value. Also, it is a sequential type, which means it is soft on the motor, no loud popping at high RPM, potentially damaging the motor. Hard to start? No problem with a built-in 20 degree start retard feature. Just wire to the start button and you get retard to save the starter motor until the engine fires, then back to full advance. Low battery a problem at the track? The HI-6RC runs with no loss of output all the way down to 8-volts. The HI-6RC has a red light on the end cap to show you have a good power supply, and during cranking, it flashes to show a good trigger signal.

Key Features:
  • Multi-Spark
  • CD (Capacitive Discharge) Ignition
  • Digital Design
  • Built-in Start retard feature
  • Sequential rev limiter for longer life
  • Bigger rotary switches with precise "click-in" detents for easy rev limiter adjustments in 100 rpm increments, 900-9,900 rpm.
  • Shock mounts included for race conditions
  • Fully potted with new, soft urethane for heat, Dirt and moisture protection.

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