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Crane Cams 99002-1 - Crane Cams Assembly Lube

Crane Cams 99002-1 - Crane Cams Assembly Lube
Crane Cams 99002-1 - Crane Cams Assembly Lube

JEGS Part Number: 271-99002-1

Assembly Lube Paste
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    Crane Cams Assembly Lube

    Assembly Lube Paste
    Crane Super Moly Lube Paste is a moly-disulfide base lubricant, for use on cam lobes, lifters and distributor drive gears and should be used for all cam installations (except for roller lifter applications). Advised for cup-end pushrod installation where only splash lubricant is utilized. Also used in many areas of transmission and driveline assembly, where high initial loading occurs, and galling should be minimized. Not recommended where normal oil flow may be impeded due to the high viscosity of this product.

    Engine Assembly Lube
    Crane Engine Assembly Lube is specially formulated to provide extra lubrication protection to engine components during assembly, and to provide outstanding resistance to scuffing, wear and friction during critical break-in. This lubricant is recommended for use on several different engine components, such as: rocker arm fulcrum balls, needle bearings, roller tips or rocker shafts; timing chain sprockets and gears; roller lifters and roller camshafts; engine bearing surfaces; outer surface of hydraulic or mechanical lifter bodies (use Super Moly Lube [paste] on face of these lifters).

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    Crane Cams 99002-1

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