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Crane Cams 99601-1 - Crane Cams Adjustable Vacuum Advance

Crane Cams 99601-1 - Crane Cams Adjustable Vacuum Advance

Part Number: 271-99601-1

Adjustable Vacuum Advance
  • Delco Point Type
  • Includes Limiter Plate
  • $35.43
    Made In USA

    Now you can actually tailor your ignition system to meet a wide variety of driving conditions and requirements with these easy-to-install adjustable vacuum advance kits. Includes: vacuum canister with unique adjustable vacuum diaphragm, three sets of advance weight springs, 3/32" Allen wrench, and instructions.

    The adjustability these kits offer allows you to run the maximum ignition advance throughout the RPM range without encountering detonation. Improved performance, efficiency, and dependability are the major benefits. Once a kit is installed, you can also quickly compensate for changes in fuel quality and altitude.

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