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Crower SP91202B-8 - Crower Sportsman Thru-Bolt Connecting Rods

Crower SP91202B-8 - Crower Sportsman Thru-Bolt Connecting Rods
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JEGS Part Number: 258-SP91202B-8

Sportsman Thru-Bolt Rods
  • Engine: Small Block Chevy
  • C-To-C: 6.000"
  • B.E. Bore: 2.125"
  • P.E. Bore: .927"
  • B.E. Width: .941"

    First introduced back in 1987, the Crower Sportsman rod was the original high performance stock replacement rod. Features traditional thru-bolt and nut fasteners for stock legal classes. All Sportsman aircraft quality rods are forged from two separate dies each dedicated to a specific length (5.7"/6.0"). This forms a more uniform molecular grain flow for a stronger, more reliable rod than other brands using one die for several lengths, then cutting to size. Includes 3/8 8740 bolts and nuts (180,000 p.s.i.)

    Crower 258-SP91202B-8

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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