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Deist Safety 91310.AIR - Deist Cold-Fire Suppression Systems

JEGS Part Number: 303-91310.AIR

Cold-Fire System
  • Air Actuated
  • 10lb Bottle
      $514.99 Order Today Ships 06/08/16

    Deist Cold-Fire Suppression Systems

    Cold-Fire 302 is a fire-suppressing agent for Class B oil/fuel fires. Also suitable for wood and paper fires. It suppresses quickly; prevents reflash; is safe to store, handle, and use. Leaves virtually no residue and is environmentally safe. On Class B fires, the chemical encapsulates the oil and prevents burning and reignition. Cold-Fire 302 has the advantages of foam and dry chemicals without the mess. UL listed and approved by many state agencies.

    Deist Safety 91310.AIR

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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