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Earl's 230411 - Earl's Hose End Wrenches

Earl's 230411 - Earl's Hose End Wrenches
Earl's 230411 - Earl's Hose End Wrenches

JEGS Part Number: 361-230411

-8AN/-10AN Double-Ended Wrench
  • 7/8" and 1" Hex
  • Purple
      $19.20 Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    Earl's 230411 Details

    Double-Ended Wrenches

  • Assemble Hose and Hose Ends
  • Assembly Easier Than Ever
  • w/o Damaging Ends
  • Color Coded Aluminum Finish
  • For Quick Identification

  • Earl's Hose End Wrenches

    Single-Ended Wrenches Designed for Earl's fittings and hose ends, these wrenches have short handles to allow usage in cramped areas and discourage over-tightening. They reduce damage to aluminum and are color coded for quick size identification. Sold individually.

    Double-Ended Wrenches These wrenches make it easier than ever to correctly assemble Earl's hose and hose ends without damage. They're color coded like the single-ended wrenches yet feature two AN sizes per wrench. Sold individually or as a set. Set includes seven double-ended wrenches: -3AN/-4AN, -4AN/-6AN, -6AN/-8AN, -8AN/-10AN, -10AN/-12AN, -12AN/-16AN, and -16AN/-20AN.

    Earl's 230411

    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
    JEGS Performance Products 28010 - JEGS Hose & Fitting Assembly Kit
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