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Edelbrock 1170

94 Carburetor Power Valve 4.5" Hg

Edelbrock 1170


made in usa
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Edelbrock 1170 94 Carburetor Power Valve 4.5" Hg $14.28
94 Carburetor Power Valve
  • 4.5" Hg

  • Edelbrock 1170 Details

    Power Valves

  • Edelbrock 94 Carburetor Power Valve

  • Specifications:

    Gaskets Included
    Power Valve Style
    Standard flow
    Power Valve Type
    Single stage
    Primary Stage Opening Vacuum (in.)
    4.5 Hg
    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The Vintage 94 Series Carb is Back!

    In 1938, when Henry Ford needed a more efficient carburetor for his new 24-stud Flathead V8 engine, he contracted development to the Chandler-Groves Company and the 94 two-barrel carburetor was born, fueling Ford engines until production ceased in 1953. Flash-forward to 2012 and the 94 is once again available, by none other than Edelbrock!

    Built around Edelbrock's reputation of bolt-on performance carburetors, the Edelbrock 94 two-barrel carburetor provides nostalgic and period correct hot rods and restorations with the most accurate and best performing carburetor on the market. The Edelbrock 94 features a die-cast bowl and air horn with an aluminum 3-bolt base. A secondary version of this carburetor is available and feaures no choke, making it a must have for multiple carb setups. They both feature an extended throttle shaft to make it easier to install dual and triple carburetor combinations, especially when used with Edelbrock's exclusive progressive linkage. The throttle shaft has also been knurled to prevent the linkage arm from slipping. Extensive testing, both on the road and in our state-of-the-art engine dynamometer facility has allowed Edelbrock to offer a power valve and jetting combination that delivers a wide calibration band for smooth and strong performance in various applications. It is finished off with a zinc-dichromate coating for durability and classic looks.

  • Machined and assembled by Edelbrock in the U.S.A
  • Features a 3-bolt flange and cast aluminum base
  • Includes calibration instructions for Flathead and small cubic inch V8 engines
  • Match with an Edelbrock intake manifold, cylinder heads, linkage, fuel blocks and Classic series accessories for the complete classic look of the early hot rod era
  • Fits any standard 3-bolt intake manifold

    Vintage 94 Series Carb and Manifold Kits
    Here it is... street rodders now have the ultimate solution for adding dual, triple or six deuce power! Edelbrock Vintage Manifold and Carb kits offer you the core components you need to install an Edelbrock multiple carburetor and intake manifold setup on your small-block Chevy, Small-block or Flathead Ford - All in one box. They include a new Edelbrock intake manifold with two, three or six of our new Edelbrock 94 carburetors. To make the installation simple, these kits include straight throttle linkage and triple-deuce kits include Edelbrock's exclusive progressive throttle linkage (p/n 350-1033) originally designed by Vic Edelbrock Sr. back in the late 1950's for small-block Chevy. All kits also include high-quality Edelbrock gaskets, carb studs and all of the necessary hardware for a hassle free installation.

    Complete your multi-carb setup installation with the Edelbrock Mini Fuel Distribution Block Kit (p/n 350-1281) or Fuel Log Kit ((p/n 350-1283), (p/n 350-1284), (p/n 350-1288), or (p/n 350-1287)). Edelbrock Fuel Kits provide everything you would need to supply fuel to your intake manifold and carb setup. They feature high quality polished aluminum mini fuel block or extruded aluminum, classic black neoprene hose, fittings and installation hardware. Together with these Manifold and Carb Kits, you get bolt-on Edelbrock performance and classic looks.

    Part #
    Bolt Kit
    Stud Kit
    350-2011 350-1100 350-1145 2 350-1032 (Straight) Included - - 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2012 350-1103 - 2 350-1032 (Straight) Included - - 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2013 350-1108 350-1145 3 350-1034 (Straight) Included - - 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2014 350-1109 350-1146 3 350-1034 (Straight) Included - - 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2015 350-5418 - 3 350-1033 (Progressive) Included 350-7201 350-8504 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2016 350-5414 - 3 350-1033 (Progressive) Included 350-7235 350-8516 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2017 350-5412 - 3 350-1033 (Progressive) Included 350-7220 350-8524 350-8006 350-1789
    350-2018 350-2150 - 6 350-1031 (Straight) Included 350-7201 350-8504 350-8006 350-1789

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