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Edelbrock 2210 - Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshafts & Kits

Edelbrock 2210 - Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshafts & Kits
Edelbrock 2210 - Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshafts & Kits

JEGS Part Number: 350-2210

Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • 1955-86 Small Block Chevy
  • .539''/.548'' Lift
  • 296°/300° Adv. Duration
  • 1500-6500 RPM Range

    Edelbrock 2210 Details

    Small Block Chevy

    Cam Notes: This wide lobe center camshaft works great when matched with Pro-Flo XT EFI system p/n 350-3528 and Performer RPM E-Tec cylinder heads p/n 350-60979; this combo produces 440 HP / 425 ft.-lbs. of torque. Matching Edelbrock roller tappet lifter set p/n 350-97423
    Use with high stall torque converter only.
    Use only stock ratio rocker arms.

    Operating Range1500-6500 RPM
    Duration Advertised296° Intake/300° Exhaust
    Duration @ .050''234° Intake/238° Exhaust
    Lift @ Valve.539'' Intake/.548'' Exhaust
    Lift @ Cam.359'' Intake/.365'' Exhaust
    Lobe Separation Angle114°
    Intake Centerline110°
    Intake Timing @ .050" Open 7° BTDC
    Close 47° ABDC
    Exhaust Timing @ .050" Open 57° BBDC
    Close 1° ATDC

    Important Application Information:
    Rollin Thunder Hydraulic Roller cams are for street high-performance and racing applications only - not for heavy vehicles. Use with Edelbrock Performer RPM heads (or other aftermarket heads), adjustable valvetrain components, screw-in studs, high performance adjustable rocker arms and at least 9.5:1 compression ratio. Headers, high-energy ignitions, lower-than-stock rear gearing and a high-performance torque converter (in auto. transmission equipped vehicles) are necessary.

    Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshafts & Kits


    Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Camshafts are designed to improve horsepower and torque, produce a great sounding performance idle and provide sufficient vacuum at idle to support power accessories. Compared to conventional flat tappet hydraulic cams, Rollin' Thunder Camshafts have more aggressive lift profiles without excessive valve overlap that can compromise low-RPM drivability (reduced friction provided by roller tappets makes this combination of accelerated valve lift and reduced duration possible). Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Camshafts are performance matched to Edelbrock Total Power Package components for proven performance.

    Rollin' Thunder Camshaft Features
  • Performance: Higher lift velocity and faster valve action increase horsepower and torque
  • Drivability: Great-sounding idle with excellent vacuum at idle to support power accessories
  • Durability: A roller tappet's small surface area + reduced friction + stronger camshaft material (hardend steel or iron) = long camshaft life
  • Environmental: Can use ILSAC GF-4 oil, which lowers engine emissions and does not require zinc or phosphate oil additives
  • Economy: Reduced contact friction between the lifter and camshaft increases fuel economy for better mileage potential

    These complete cam kits feature an Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Edelbrock Hydraulic Roller Lifters and Pushrods that are dyno-matched for a trouble-free installation. Each kit includes: camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, lifter guides, pushrods, and hold-down spider (1987-Later applications only). Kits offer great performance gains when matched with the rest of the Edelbrock Total Power Package.
  • Complete kit gives you everything you need to upgrade your camshaft
  • Virtually eliminate break-in problems (no special break-in required over flat tappet cams)
  • Higher lift velocity and faster valve action produce superior horsepower and torque
  • Get more horsepower and torque without sacrificing idle quality and manifold vacuum
  • Reduced friction improves fuel economy

  • Edelbrock 2210

    Intake Valve Lift (in.)
    Exhaust Valve Lift (in.)
    RPM Range
    Int. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
    Int. Duration Advertised (Deg)
    Exh. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Small Block (262-400)
    Lifter Type
    Hydraulic Roller
    RPM Range
    Exh. Duration Advertised (Deg)
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
    *Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles
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