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Edelbrock 3537

Pro-Flo XT Fuel Injection System 1986-Earlier SB-Chevy

Edelbrock 3537

Part Number: 350-3537

Pro-Flo XT Fuel Injection System
  • 1986-Earlier SB-Chevy
  • Up to 650 HP (44 lb/hr injectors)
  • Satin
  • $4,231.24
    Ships 11/08/16
    if Ordered Today
    Made In USA
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    Edelbrock 3537 Pro-Flo XT Fuel Injection System 1986-Earlier SB-Chevy $4,231.24

    Edelbrock 3537 Details

    Complete Systems: Chevy Small Block

    Installation Notes:
  • Manifold Dimensions: (A) 9.00", (B) 8.20", (C) 16.90'', (D) 2.10''
  • Manifold not equipped with EGR.
  • Recommended intake gasket: Jegs p/n 555-210001
  • Satin Finish

  • Specifications:

    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Small Block (262-400)
    Fuel Rate
    44 lbs./hr
    Cylinder Head Type
    Without EGR
    Wiring Harness Included
    Venturi Quantity
    Calibration Module Included
    Distributor Included
    ECM Included
    Engine Block Style
    Stock/OEM standard deck
    Fuel Pressure Regulator Included
    Fuel Pump Included
    Fuel Rails Included
    IAC Motor Included
    IAT Sensor Included
    Injection Style
    Injector Size (lbs./hr.)
    Injectors Included
    Intake Finish
    Intake Manifold Included
    Intake Material
    Intake Section Included
    MAP Sensor Included
    Metering Style
    Speed density (Map-N) and speed throttle (Alpha-N)
    Oxygen Sensor Included
    Sold as a kit
    Throttle Body Included
    TPS Sensor Included
    Venturi Diameter (mm)
    Throttle Body Finish
    Throttle Body Material
    Cast aluminum
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The Most Complete Fuel Injection System Available

    Pro-Flo XT EFI Intake Manifold
    Engineering at its finest, Pro-Flo XT intakes have a large plenum and long, tapered runners to deliver maximum horsepower and broad torque across a 1500-6500 RPM range. Choose between as-cast aluminum or black powdercoating. An LS-type front-mount 90mm throttle body feeds the intake all the air it needs (only included with complete systems).

    Pro-Flo XT: The Most Complete EFI System Available
    Ready-to-run bolt-on performance packages that include:

  • Intake manifold with fuel injectors, fuel rails, and throttle body
  • Preterminated 2-piece EFI harness
  • Engine control unit (ECU)
  • Narrowband O2 sensor
  • Handheld calibration module
  • Mallory distributor
  • Fuel pump, filter, and hose
  • Installation hardware
  • Pro-Flo XT software

    Complete Wiring Harness
    Unique 2-piece design offers quick connection of the engine and chassis harness at the bulkhead on the firewall for easy removal if needed.

    Flash-Programmable ECU
    Engineered by EFI Technology, a world leader in advanced electronic engine management, this control unit features flash-programmable memory and full-sequential injection (individual injector firing). Flash memory allows multiple tuning options, including Map-N (Speed Density) and Alpha-N (Speed Throttle). Map-N references RPM (engine speed) against MAP (manifold absolute pressure) to determine fuel and spark requirements; Alpha-N references RPM against throttle position. A base calibration is preloaded, and base calibrations for common performance engines are on the included CD (additional calibrations available at Create custom calibrations using Pro-Flo XT software. Closed loop fuel targets with included narrowband or optional wideband O2 controller are also supported.

    Handheld Calibration Module
    Edelbrock pioneered tuning on-the-fly fuel injection in 1995 with the original Pro-Flo that featured an exclusive handheld calibration module. Also included with the Pro-Flo XT, this unique module plugs into the ECU for fast access anytime. Save up to three calibrations. An easy-to-read display allows real-time adjustment of fuel, ignition, and RPM without a computer. Initial calibration, however, must be loaded with Pro-Flo XT software on a laptop or PC.

    Pro-Flo XT Software
    If laptop tuning is preferred, use Pro-Flo XT software for unlimited custom tuning and enhanced tuning resolution of fuel and spark maps. Tune, save, and restore as many custom calibrations as you want on your PC/laptop.

    Pro-Flo XT EFI System At-a-Glance
    New intake manifold design with late model LS-type 90mm throttle body
    2-piece EFI harness
    Flash-programmable ECU (no chip) has base calibration
    Requires use of PC and included AC adapter for first-time base calibration selection
    Full-sequential injection (individual injector firing)
    Map-N/Speed Density & Alpha-N/Speed Throttle tuning strategies for fuel & spark requirements
    Closed loop fuel control
    Accepts one narrowband or wideband O2 sensor
    Tune with handheld calibration module and store up to three base maps
    4x6 fuel and 3x6 spark tables on calibration module
    Real-time adjustments with module (or software once program has been saved/cycled for ECU)
    Tune with laptop and store unlimited calibrations
    11x16 load and RPM tables on laptop/PC
    4-wire stepper idle motor
    Adjustable rev limiter

    Click Here for Intake Manifold Dimensions

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