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Edelbrock 37111 - Edelbrock Performer Manifolds for Olds

Edelbrock 37111 - Edelbrock Performer Manifolds for Olds


Performer Olds 350 Intake Manifold
  • Oldsmobile 307-403ci 1966-85
  • 4-bbl Spread-Bore Carb Flange (EGR/non-EGR)
  • Idle-5500 rpm
  • Polished Finish
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1977-1980
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    Edelbrock 37111 - Edelbrock Performer Manifolds for Olds Details

    Oldsmobile 307-403ci V8

    Designed for street 307-330-350-403ci Oldsmobile V8s, 1966-85. For non-EGR applications, This intake manifold is for 307, 350 and 403ci V8s with OEM 4-bbl. carb.; 1966-72 (1973 non-CA). For EGR applications, this intake manifold is for 307, 350 and 403ci V8's with OEM 4-bbl carb; 1972-85; except 1976 with back pressure EGR's. 350 GM Corporate engines, 1981-86, use Performer intake manifold p/n 350-3701. Will fit 1980-1/2 to 1985 307ci V8's with 5A heads (casting #3317).

    Installation Notes:

  • Port exit dimensions: 1.18'' x 1.86''
  • Manifold height: (A) 2.50'' , (B) 3.90''
    Click here to determine carburetor pad height.
  • Recommended Intake Gasket: JEGS p/n 555-210700
  • Edelbrock Performer Series carburetors and AFB carburetors will NOT fit this manifold.
  • for 403ci Pontiac Trans-Am, use OEM 4-bbl only (for shaker hood clearance).
  • EGR block-off plate included.
  • Use choke block-off plate p/n 350-8951 (included).
  • Factory cruise control will not clear EGR valve without linkage alteration.
  • For EGR applications, use stock carb only.
  • HEI will clear this manifold.

    Carburetor Recommendations:
    OEM 4-bbl. carburetor

  • carb will work with EGR system
  • carb has provision for evaporative canister

  • Edelbrock 37111 - Edelbrock Performer Manifolds for Olds

    Idle-5500 RPM Power!

    Performer manifolds are dual-plane, low-rise intake manifolds with a 180° firing order and a patented runner design that delivers outstanding performance. This patented design greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range, especially off-idle through 5500 rpm. Provides crisp throttle response.

    Edelbrock 350-37111

    RPM Range
    Idle -5500
    Engine Make/Size
    Olds 307-403
    Number Of Carbs
    With EGR
    Cylinder Head Type
    Note:To insure proper manifold to cylinder head sealing, Edelbrock recommends using an embossed intake gasket like Fel-Pro's Printoseal or Mr.Gasket's Ultra Seal. Fel-Pro's Perma Torque Blue and other similar gaskets do not compress well when used with an aluminum intake manifold and may cause vacuum leaks.
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