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Edelbrock 3761 - Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds for Chevy

Edelbrock 3761 - Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds for Chevy


Performer 2-O Intake Manifold
  • BB-Chevy 396-502ci - Oval Port
  • 4-bbl Spread-Bore Carb Flange (with EGR)
  • Idle-5500 RPM Range
  • 50-State Legal

    Edelbrock 3761 - Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds for Chevy Details

    Chevy 396-502ci Big-Block V8

  • Designed for street big block Chevy 396-502 using general duty oval port cylinder heads
  • Also fits 1965-90 oval port heads (does not fit tall block V8)
  • Port Exit Dimensions: 1.70" x 1.68"
  • Manifold Height: (A) 4.30", (B) 5.40" Click here to determine carburetor pad height
  • Recommended Intake Gasket: JEGS p/n555-210102
  • Stock replacement/street-legal part for 1972-89 454 V8 with OE 4-bbl carb
    (NOTE: #350-2161 is stock replacement/street-legal for 396, 402, 427, and 454 with OE 4-bbl carb on 1965-73 non-CA passenger cars and 1966-83 trucks, Suburbans, and heavy vehicles except stock-equipped EGR)
  • Does not clear Corvette hood without modification
  • Includes choke adapter #350-8961

    Carb Recommendation/Notes
    OE 4-bbl Carburetor

    Provision for evaporative canister
    Factory cruise control accepted

  • Edelbrock 3761 - Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds for Chevy

    Performer Intake Manifolds have a patented runner design that delivers outstanding performance, crisp throttle response, and improved torque over a wide RPM range.

  • Dual plane low-rise design with 180° firing order
  • Idle-5500 RPM for most manifolds listed
  • 4-barrel square or spread bore carb flange as applicable
  • Available in As-Cast, Polished or EnduraShine finishes
  • Most are 50-state legal when used with correct carburetor in correct application

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  • Edelbrock 350-3761

    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Big Block (396-502)
    RPM Range
    Idle -5500
    Number Of Carbs
    With EGR
    Cylinder Head Type
    Oval Port- Small
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