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Edelbrock 70066

Victor Jr. Nitrous Kit Dual Stage System

Edelbrock 70066

Part Number: 350-70066

Victor Jr. Nitrous Kit
  • Dual Stage System
  • Square-Bore Carburetors (100-500+ HP)
  • Silver Powder Coated Bottle
  • $1,268.19
    Ships 11/28/16
    if Ordered Today
    Made In USA
    FREE Shipping
    Edelbrock 70066 Victor Jr. Nitrous Kit Dual Stage System $1,268.19

    Edelbrock 70066 Details

    Complete Systems

  • Designed For Carbureted V8 Engines
  • Power Increases From 100-500+ HP
  • Add Power In Stages
  • Softens The Hit Of The Nitrous System
  • For Square Bore Carbs

  • Specifications:

    Standard Flange Square Bore Carb
    With Bottle
    Bottle Brackets Included
    Bottle Color
    Bottle Included
    Bottle Material
    Delivery Style
    Square bore plate
    Dual Stage
    Jet Sizes Included (hp)
    100, 200, 300, 400, 500
    Maximum Advertised Horsepower Increase
    Nitrous Bottle Capacity (lbs.)
    Nitrous System Style
    Sold as a kit
    Bracket Material
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Edelbrock Single Stage Systems have superior distribution for 400+ hp in competition engines. Dyno tests on a 500ci Chevy proved that even at 400hp settings, EGTs varied less than 80°F from cylinder-to-cylinder. Features include shorter spray bars allowing more liquid nitrous to be injected into the intake for more even distribution across the plenum, a more balanced air/fuel ratio and a quicker response time. With four nitrous and four fuel jets, the Victor Jr. Plate System has more tuning capabilities than any plate system currently available. This efficient design, with a plate that's only 9/16'' thick, uses less nitrous than conventional plate systems at the same hp levels. Kits include jet selection and all hardware for a complete installation.

    Dual Stage Systems have all of the same features as the single stage. The advantage to the dual stage system is that you can apply your nitrous power in two seperate stages to soften the "hit" of the nitrous system. The first stage can be adjusted to supply 100-150 additional horsepower then trigger the second stage for 150 to 200+ hp!

    Engine Modifications for All Victor Jr. Carb and Plate Kits Recommended Required
    Single Plane Intake Manifold - X
    Premium Fuel - X
    Race Fuel X -
    Upgraded Fuel System - X
    Upgraded Ignition System X -
    Ignition Retard - X
    Colder Spark Plugs - X
    Forged Pistons - X
    Upgraded Rods/Crank X -

    Items You Need