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Edelbrock 8550 - Edelbrock Head Bolt Kits

Edelbrock 8550 - Edelbrock Head Bolt Kits


Cylinder Head Bolt Kit
  • Small Block Chevy

    Edelbrock 8550 - Edelbrock Head Bolt Kits Details


    Will fit stock SB-Chevy heads, also manufactured to fit Edelbrock #350-6071; 350-6073; 350-6075; 350-6085; 350-6087; 350-6089; 350-6090; 350-7763.

    Edelbrock 8550 - Edelbrock Head Bolt Kits

    Manufactured by ARP for Edelbrock, these kits contain a complete set of the highest quality head bolts and hardened washers available. Cold-formed to ensure molecular integrity and heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. Reduced diameter bolt heads eliminate the need for valvetrain removal to allow cylinder head retorquing. Hardened and parallel-ground washers are included. Rated at 170,000 psi.

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