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Edelbrock 91102 - Edelbrock QwikData Accessories

JEGS Part Number: 350-91102

Basic Electronic Control Unit Upgrade
  • Upgrades Basic ECU to Advanced ECU
  • Original Basic ECU Must Be Sent to Edelbrock

    Edelbrock 91102 Details

    Electronic Control Units

    QwikData is expandable. If you already own a Basic QwikData ECU and are ready to step up to the next level, send Edelbrock your ECU. They will upgrade your ECU to match the specs for the Advanced unit. Must purchase Advanced Drag Racing Harness 350-91104.

    Edelbrock QwikData Accessories

    It's no secret that successful racers rely on data acquisition systems to give them the winning edge, but until now they have been too expensive for the average racer. From pro class competitors to weekend warriors, Edelbrock's QwikData data acquisition systems offer all of the benefits of a higher priced unit at a fraction of the cost. All QwikData Systems feature a 32-bit Motorola processor, 1-mb of non-volatile memory, real-time display, rpm and voltage input, fully assembled wiring harness, analysis software, users manual, and internet upgrade download capability.

    Edelbrock 91102

    Sold individually
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