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G-Force Transmissions GFT5-SNGF - G-Force 5-Speed T5 Transmission

G-Force Transmissions GFT5-SNGF - G-Force 5-Speed T5 Transmission

JEGS Part Number: 468-GFT5-SNGF

G-Force HD Ford T5 5-Speed Transmission
  • New Heavy Duty G-Force Case
  • 2.94, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, .59 gear ratios
  • Up to 600HP/500TQ
      $3,295.99 Ships

    G-Force 5-Speed T5 Transmissions are an entirely new upgrade of the T5 transmission using their synchronized gear kits and their 9310 mainshaft. With the upgraded stronger 9310 mainshaft and the 2.94, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, .59 ratios synchronized gears, this transmission will handle roughly 600 hp or 500 ft-lb. of torque in a 3300 lb. vehicle with drag radials and moderate clutch upgrade. It utilizes a stock .59 overdrive which allows the engine to turn less RPM at cruising speed for less engine wear and better gas mileage while still maintaining incredible acceleration in the first 4 gears. Rest assured all new parts are utilized and you will have an extra peace of mind knowing that your transmission was assembled by highly skilled technicians.

    468-GFT5-SN - This transmission features the upgraded mainshaft and synchronized gears in a stock Ford case.

    468-GFT5-SNGF - This transmission adds a New Heavy Duty G-Force case cast from high quality aluminum and magnesium alloys for maximum strength and minimal weight. The reinforced bearing journals and additional case ribbing provide the utmost stiffness and resistance to fatigue.

    G-Force Transmissions 468-GFT5-SNGF

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