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Global West MCF-1 - Global West Alignment Kits

JEGS Part Number: 459-MCF-1

Street/Strip McCaster Kit
  • 1979-89 Ford Mustang

    Global West Alignment Kits

    Eccentric Loc-Out Kits
    Global West has engineered these Eccentric Loc-Out Alignment kits to replace the factory eccentric bolt and cam that holds the lower control arm to the frame. The eccentric is used for setting camber. When the eccentric is turned, the lower arm moves in or out changing camber. I the eccentric slips of rotates going over bumps, your alignment is lost. This is the cause of many worn tires. The Loc-2 replace the eccentric bolt and cam with plates. Each plate has three holes drilled in it and are numbered for different offsets. By flipping the plates you can get six different positions for alignment which is more than adequate. The beauty of the plate system is that they cannot slip. Alignment is maintained once it is set. Installation is simple and should be done when the car is being aligned.

    McCaster Kits
    There is an alignment problem inherent with 1979 and up Mustangs. Outside tire wear and pulling are fairly common. McCaster alignment kits replace the factory strut mount with a combination of plates that provide adjustability for obtaining proper alignment. McCaster kits are made out of steel and use a spherical bearing to support the strut. A welded retaining ring holds the bearing in place rather than a c-clip of spiral lock. This eliminates possible rattles from the bearing in the housing do to constant pounding from the shock. McCaster kits are designed to withstand heavy street use as well as severe dirt track and road race applications.

    Rack and Pinion Bushings
    Rack and pinion bushings are used for attaching the steering rack to the crossmember. The factory rack bushings are made out of rubber, which allows the steering to be a little more forgiving. Unfortunately, larger tires and aggressive driving styles leave the driver wanting more steering input. Installing solid rack bushings improve driver feel and steering response. Global West offers two types of ridged replacement rack bushings. Standard replacement no offset and offset. Offset bushings are used if the car is lowered more than one inch. The bushings move the steering rack upward reducing conflicting suspension angles between the control arm and steering components.

    Global West MCF-1

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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