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Granatelli 500074

Rear K-Member Sub-Frame Connector Kit 2010-Present Camaro

Granatelli 500074

Part Number: 467-500074

Rear K-Member Sub-Frame Connector Kit
  • 2010-Present Camaro
  • $209.00

    from Manufacturer
    Made In USA
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    Granatelli 500074 Rear K-Member Sub-Frame Connector Kit 2010-Present Camaro $209.00

    Granatelli 500074 Details

    Camaro 1G Suspension Bracing Components

  • Meant to be used with Butterfly Subframe Connectors #467-500073.
  • Eliminates unwanted and sometimes unexpected play that can occur with the stock setup.
  • Helps plant more power to the ground, allowing for better acceleration off the line.

  • Specifications:

    Mounting Hardware Included
    Connector Finish
    Red powdercoated
    Connector Material
    Sold as a pair
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The Granatelli Camaro 1G Suspension Bracing Package for the 2010-Present Camaro is designed to create a spiderweb system that increases chassis rigidity, reducing unwanted flex and twisting to greatly improve handling. This system fits both V6 and V8 applications and best of all you can purchase the individual components to make improvements as your budget allows.

  • Connect key points of the whole undercarriage - The 1G suspension kit creates a full frame, greatly increasing handling.
  • More Power To The Ground - Reduced chassis flexing & twisting releases hidden HP
  • Proven by GMS - On a 200 foot skidpad, yielded .984G clockwise, 1.03G counterclockwise
  • 100% Complete - From front to back the 1G kit will come with all the necessary pieces to turn your Generation 5 Camaro into a corner carver.
  • Unbeatable Ride & Handling - Specially designed for faster response (rides like a kitten, handles like a tiger)
  • Performance for Everyone - Fits both V8 & V6 models
  • Customize to fit Your Needs - The individual part numbers that create a 1G Package are available separately.

  • Items You Need