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Hedman 36060 - Hedman Chikara Headers

Hedman 36060 - Hedman Chikara Headers


Hedman Chikara Headers
  • 1995-99 Dodge Neon 2.0L SOHC
  • Tube Size: 1-1/2"
  • Collector Size: Stock
  • Painted
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    Hedman 36060 - Hedman Chikara Headers Details


    Note: Uses stock Y-Pipe gasket. Includes precatalytic converter.

    Hedman 36060 - Hedman Chikara Headers

    Chikara Means Power!
    Chikara Headers from Hedman are absolutely state-of-the-art when it comes to advanced design and quality construction. They're available as standard headers or with Hedman's now famous Tork-Step technology. Either way, you get the same assurance of quality that only comes with 40 years of racing experience and manufacturing know-how. Chikara Headers are available with Hedman's HTC ceramic coating that looks great, won't discolor, and lasts for years. For all-out performance and durability, Chikara is the answer!

    Note About Uncoated/Painted Headers
    Hedman offers these uncoated headers for vehicle owners who wish to apply their own type or color of coating. The Black paint applied to them at the factory is merely to protect the bare metal from corrosion while in inventory and during shipping. This coating is not a high-temperature paint and will burn off after only a few minutes of use on a warmed engine. Although an uncoated header can be used, use of a thermal coating or high-temp paint is recommended to protect against the elements and prolong header life. ALL uncoated Hedman Headers are available with HTC Ceramic-Metallic thermal protection that's factory backed for five years.
    Contrary to popular belief, the use of a thermal wrap on headers will cause crystallization of the steel tubes and dramatically shorten the life of headers. The use of header wrap is so detrimental to the integrity of the header, its use will void the lifetime warranty.

    Hedman 500-36060

    Tube Size
    Tube Direction
    Down Swept
    Engine Make/Size
    Mopar 122
    Collector Tube Size (in.)
    Port Shape
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