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JE Pistons 131556 - JE Premium Forged Pistons

JEGS Part Number: 532-131556

Buick V6 Dish Top Pistons
  • Bore 3.820"
  • Ring Size 1/16, 1/16, 3/16

    JE Pistons 131556 - JE Premium Forged Pistons Details

    Buick 3.8L V6 Dish Top


  • Compatible with turbo, nitrous, and supercharged applications
  • JE 51S wrist pins (137g)
  • Double spiral locks


  • Stroke 3.400"
  • Rod Length 5.960"
  • Dome Volume -29.5cc
  • Compression Height 1.850"
  • Stock Compression Ratio

  • JE Pistons can make it happen, and that's probably why more engine builders choose them. JE's success, though due to many factors, is mainly thanks to their high-tech, CNC-based manufacturing facility which produces thousands of accurate, identical pistons. JE was the first and is the only manufacturer to use Ultra-Crown 3-D technology. Considered an industry standard among the racing elite, this technology allows you to take advantage of one of racing's most guarded secrets.

    Ford 302 Inverted Dome: These pistons are designed to be compatible with forced induction and nitrous applications. The valve reliefs are machined to accommodate larger valves and long duration, tight lobe separation cams.

    Note: Pistons sets are sold 8 per package except for Buick V6.

    JE Pistons 532-131556

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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