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JR Race Car 785DT54JTJEC - JR Race Cars Gauges/Monitors

JR Race Car 785DT54JTJEC - JR Race Cars Gauges/Monitors
JR Race Car 785DT54JTJEC - JR Race Cars Gauges/Monitors

JEGS Part Number: 574-785DT54JTJEC

Digatron DT54JT

JR Race Car 785DT54JTJEC Details

Digatron Tach

Designed specifically for junior dragster racers. Experience the best in data acquisition while learning about your junior dragster and driver performance. Graph your functions for a detailed visual of your run and learn how all functions work together to help you race faster. Features:

  • Engine RPM (Tachometer), Jackshaft RPM, and up to two temperatures.
  • Automatic recording when engine is on. Actual run is easily highlighted with the analysis software.
  • RPM and MPH record 10 times per second. Temperatures record 4 times per second. Times displayed to the 100th of a second.
  • Maximum readings of all functions. Minimum readings of RPM and Speed.
  • Full hour of data logging and detailed playback.
  • Free P.C. Downloadable software. Features: Custom instrument configuration, charts, graphs and log book. USB and serial computer input.
  • Automatic power on and off feature.
  • Backlight for night viewing.
  • (8) Highly visible red L.E.D. warning/shift lights/brake lights.
  • Quality lightweight high-impact aluminum casing. Large, bright, easy-to-read displays.

  • JR Race Cars Gauges/Monitors

    These gauges/monitors give you the information you need to make you car run more consistant. They both monitor the following areas: Engine RPM, Jackshaft RPM, Cylinder head temperature, and Exhaust temperature

    JR Race Car 785DT54JTJEC

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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