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Jegster 910001 - Jegster ''Vega/Monza/Pinto-Style'' Front End Kits w/Frame Rails

Jegster 910001 - Jegster ''Vega/Monza/Pinto-Style'' Front End Kits w/Frame Rails


Vega/Monza Style Front End
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Jegster 910001 - Jegster ''Vega/Monza/Pinto-Style'' Front End Kits w/Frame Rails

The original drag race front end!

Our Jegster front ends are fixture welded for guaranteed trueness everytime. Designed to fit inside the frame headers and oversized oil pans! These front ends can be special ordered without the spring and shock mounts, with substitute upper coil-over shock mounts for use with stock or lightweight control arms. Coil-over mounts must be fitted and welded into place.

Vega/Monza - Style
Here's an easy, economical means to chop approximately 200 pounds off the front of any vehicle. This fixture-welded front end assembly utilizes readily available Vega/Monza A-arms, spindles, springs and etc. Identical to the standard front end on Jegster kit cars. It's proven to be a rugged, excellently engineered setup. Use Pinto rack and pinion steering and economical OEM-type shocks. Ideal for many applications.

Pinto - Style
The use of inexpensive, easy to find Pinto components in front end assemblies is by no means new to drag racing. However Jeg's chassis experts have come up with an innovative new setup. Our frame rails are angled outward, so they're wider at the firewall to provide ample clearance for heavy-duty aftermarket starters, engine adapters, racing headers, etc. OEM-type, welded upper spring and shock brackets allow stock-type Pinto components to be used. Each unit is factory jig-welded to assure proper alignmant.

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