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King Engine Bearings CS516BB - King Cam Bearings

King Engine Bearings CS516BB - King Cam Bearings
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King Engine Bearings#429-CS516BB

Cam Bearing Set
  • Ford 351 Cleveland
  • BB-Series
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    King Engine Bearings CS516BB - King Cam Bearings

    King offers 2 levels of cam bearings for use in OE and high-performance applications. King cam bearings are sold in engine sets.

    BB-Series Cam Bearings
    King BB-Series cam bearings are a steel backed Babbitt design with a precision machined surface. BB-Series cam bearings are recommended for OE rebuild or replacement.

    HP-Series Cam Bearings
    King HP-Series cam bearings are a bi-metal design with chill cast Babbitt to reduce microscopic defections. These bearings are constructed from seamless steel tubing with a thin layer of Babbitt that is cooled quickly in the casting process to achieve a very fine grain structure, doubling the tensile strength. HP-Series bearings are precision machined to tight tolerances to control installed oil clearances. King HP-Series cam bearings offer much more fatigue strength than conventional bearings and can withstand the racing valve spring loads, while maintaining the excellent surface characteristics of Babbitt.
    King HP-Series cam bearings are also available with an optional Fluoropolymer coating that retains engine oil on the surface, even under extreme heat and pressure. This coating provides extra protection at start-up in the event of momentary oil starvation.
    HP-Series cam bearings are recommended for high load racing applications.

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