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Lakewood 40510 - Lakewood Drag Shocks & Struts

Lakewood 40510 - Lakewood Drag Shocks & Struts
Lakewood 40510 - Lakewood Drag Shocks & Struts

JEGS Part Number: 620-40510

90/10 Front Strut
  • 1982-92 Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird

    Lakewood 40510 Details

    90/10 Front Struts

  • Excellent Weight Transfer
  • Lets Front End Down Quickly
  • Maximum Traction
  • Makes Vehicle Safer
  • Easier Control At End Of Track
  • Better Overall Stability

  • Lakewood Drag Shocks & Struts

    For Years of Consistent High Performance
    Experience plus the latest drag shock technology equals a superior shock absorber. These shocks provide excellent weight transfer on initial launch and quickly bring down the front end to avoid poor aerodynamics, resulting in lower ETs and maximized rear suspension traction. As vehicle speed grows, speed-sensitive valving kicks in for a safer vehicle that's easier to control at the end of the track. Quality struts also available.

    50/50 Rear Shocks
  • Street/Strip
  • Best for vehicles with leaf or coil springs
  • Properly "loads" rear wheels to prevent overreaction and wheel hop

    70/30 Front Shocks
  • Street/Strip
  • Best for medium to high HP vehicles with wide tires & low to medium HP vehicles with slicks
  • Improves overall handling on the strip when quick front-end lift is not needed

    70/30 Front Struts
  • Street/Strip
  • OE performance upgrade

    70/30 Rear Shocks
  • Street/Strip
  • Best when rear body lift with minimum resistance and stiffness is desired
  • Transmits power to wheels using only the suspension for max traction, no front-to-rear weight shift

    90/10 Front Shocks
  • Race only
  • Best when maximum rear wheel traction is required
  • Front end rises quickly to provide as much possible weight transfer to rear wheels on initial launch

    90/10 Front Struts
  • Race only
  • Best when quick front-end lift is required off the starting line for maximum traction at rear wheels
  • Responds similarly as 90/10 Shocks

    Shocks/struts sold individually. Applications listed with part numbers below.

  • Lakewood 40510

    Bushing Material
    Boot Included
    Gas Charged
    Bushing Color
    Internal Design
    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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