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Lucas Oil 10256 - Lucas Oil 20W-50 Plus Racing Oil

Lucas Oil 10256 - Lucas Oil 20W-50 Plus Racing Oil
Lucas Oil 10256 - Lucas Oil 20W-50 Plus Racing Oil

JEGS Part Number: 639-10256

20W-50 Plus High Performance Oil
  • 2.5 gallon
      $49.97 Ships

    Lucas Oil 20W-50 Plus Racing Oil

    The "PLUS" is for an extra additive package above and beyond a normal 20w-50 racing oil. This formula was developed and perfected through three years of track testing to specifically reduce heat and subsequent wear in short track NASCAR racing. The 1996 season proved it to also be the oil of choice by many crew chiefs in the TOP ALCOHOL division of NHRA and IHRA. The user can expect high lubricity, lower oil temperature (up to 40° F) and a stronger protective additive film that stands up to racing fuel dilution at least 50% longer than other racing oils. Excellent of course, for normal highway usage.

    Key Benefits

  • Proven oil of choice by crew chiefs
  • Stronger additive film to reduce racing fuel dilution longer
  • Excellent normal highway usage oil

  • Lucas Oil 10256

    Oil Volume
    2.5 gallons
    Oil Weight
    Sold as a pair
    ZDDP Enhanced
    Oil Type
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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