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MSD Ignition 84697 - MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

MSD Ignition 84697 - MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

MSD Ignition#121-84697

Crank Trigger Distributor
  • Chevy V8 Low Profile
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1955-1974
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    MSD Ignition 84697 - MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor Details

    Chevy w/HEI-Style Terminals

    The unique design of this distributor fits tight intake systems while still transferring the high volt­age of the MSD racing ignition to the spark plugs. The high voltage carrying capabilities are the re­sult of several features which have been designed into this distributor. This includes a large diameter cap with wide spaced terminals and an injection moulded Rynite rotor with thick vanes to stur up the air inside the cap. The high dielectric Rynite base also prevents arcing to the billet housing. The distributor has an oversized steel shaft that is guided with a sealed ball-bearing assembly and extra long sintered bushing for smooth operation.

  • Designed to fit low in the block to clear firewall and intake combinations
  • Special oil tract improves lubrication to the distributor and cam gear
  • O-ring seals can be added to modified blocks to improve oil pressure control
  • Must be used with an MSD Crank Trigger and MSD 6, 7 or 8 Series Ignition Control
  • Supplied with large diameter HEI style distributor cap and rotor
  • Supplied with bronze gear for roller cam usage
  • Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles

  • MSD Ignition 84697 - MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

    MSD Ignition Crank Trigger distributors are designed for racing engines that use a crankshaft triggered ignition. Their low profile lets them fit in tight quarters and still accurately deliver the sparks. Built around a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing. This machining process produces a strong, non-porous housing with tolerances within .001''. Inside the housing, a sealed ball bearing and long sintered bushing, guide a QPQ coated .500'' shaft for accurate spark delivery throughout high rpm. The QPQ coating reduces friction loss and wards off corrosion. The base of the low profile distributors are injection molded from a glass reinforced material called Rynite. This produces an extremely strong base that dampens vibrations and is highly resistant to sparks. A large low profile distributor cap with brass terminals clamps onto the housing covering the racing rotor featuring deep vanes to stir up the air reducing the chance of spark scatter. Since these distributors are for racing applications, bronze gears are supplied.

    MSD Ignition 121-84697

    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Big Block (396-454)
    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Small Block (262-400)
    Distributor Type
    Crank Type w/Mech. Tach Drive
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