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MSD Ignition 5090 - MSD DynaForce Starters & Kits

MSD Ignition 5090 - MSD DynaForce Starters & Kits

MSD Ignition#121-5090

DynaForce Starter
  • Small Block Ford 289-351
  • High Torque
  • 157 or 164 Tooth
  • 3/4" Depth
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1965-1995
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    MSD Ignition 5090 - MSD DynaForce Starters & Kits Details

    Small Block Ford 289, 302, 351W

    Designed for Ford Small Block (289-351) engines.

  • 157 Tooth (4-Speed and Auto Transmission)
  • 164 Tooth (Automatic Transmisstion)

  • Gear reduction improves torque for great cranking
  • 3.4 horsepower motor provides power for high compression engines
  • Ball bearing supported armature and pinion gear
  • Downsized design helps clearance issues with oil pans and exhaust
  • Mount can be clocked for additional clearance
  • Easily handles 18:1 compression

    Note: This starter cannot be used on any 3 and 4-speed applications. Early model 3 and 4-speed manual transmission flywheels are closer to the starter mount surface (3/8") and will prevent the starter gear from separating from the flywheel.

  • MSD Ignition 5090 - MSD DynaForce Starters & Kits

    MSD Performance from Start to Finish

    MSD DynaForce Starters feature a 3.4 horsepower motor to crank over the reduced 4.4:1 gear set to deliver great torque to get the engine turning. The armature is balanced during assembly and is guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement and thousands of starts. The downsized housing clears most headers and oil pans, but just in case, MSD made the billet mount so it can be clocked in different positions to help in tight applications. The DynaForce Starter is powder coated MSD red and will stay looking good, even though it's underneath your car. DynaForce Starters are never rebuilt or refurbished units.

    High Torque Starter Features
  • 3.4 HP motor provides quick starts
  • Powdercoated starter assembly for long-lasting good looks
  • Gear reduction of 4.4:1 improves torque for great cranking
  • Armature guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement
  • Downsized housing clears most headers and oil pans
  • Billet aluminum mount plate can be clocked to help in tight applications
  • Easily handles up to 18:1 compression
  • Made in the USA

    High Speed DynaForce Starters
    If you struggle to start your race engine because the starter can't keep up then this High Speed DynaForce Starter is what you are looking for. It is designed for race engines using magnetos that require higher cranking speed and provides 25% extra speed so even the most stubborn motor will start.

    High Speed Starter Features:
  • For use on blown alcohol engines, magneto ignitions, or any engine requiring higher cranking RPM
  • Additional 25% cranking speed
  • 3.73:1 Gear Reduction
  • Heavy Duty high temp solenoid for 12-16 volt systems
  • Plated disc and contacts reduce arcing and increase continuity
  • Billet aluminum adjustable mounting block
  • Made in the USA

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  • MSD Ignition 121-5090

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