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MSD Ignition 8996 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

MSD Ignition 8996 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

MSD Ignition#121-8996

Ignition Tester
  • Multi-Channel
  • Digital

    MSD Ignition 8996 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment Details

    Ignition Tester

    This Tester can be used with all of MSD's CD Ignition Controls as well as our line of DIS multi-channel ignitions. There are four points-style output wires that can be used to trigger the four channels of the DIS-4 Igni­tions, or a single channel can be used for ignitions such as the MSD 7 Series. There is also a magnetic pick-up connector for racers using an MSD Distributor or Flying Magnet Crank Trigger. The Tester is easy to connect with firm grip alli­gator style terminals and matching ends for trigger inputs. The LCD Alphanumeric readout displays the simulated rpm so you can easily confirm rev limits or the operation of an rpm-activated switch. For use on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with a distributor or with coil packs.

  • Hand held tester generates a trigger signal to fire MSD DIS, 6, 7, 8 and 10 Series Ignition Controls and the coil
  • LCD display shows the simulated RPM and can be used to confirm the operation of rev limits, rpm activated switches, shift lights and tachometers
  • Triggers through breaker points, amplifier and magnetic pickup trigger inputs from the MSD Ignition

  • MSD Ignition 8996 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

    MSD makes some of the best Ignition products on the market. So who should you get your test and timing equipment from? Why, MSD of course! They have ignition testers for any type of triggering system and timing lights that will work off the car's power or self-powered. You make the choice, but no matter which you chose, MSD has the right one for your application.

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