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Milodon 31100 - Milodon Street/Strip Oil Pans

Milodon 31100 - Milodon Street/Strip Oil Pans


Off-Road Oil Pan
  • Big Block Chevy 1965-90
  • 7 Quarts & Filter
  • 9-1/2'' Sump Depth

    Milodon 31100 - Milodon Street/Strip Oil Pans Details


    Featurs oil control baffles to 100% contain oil movement to yield increased horsepower. Pan rail is notched for up to 4-1/2'' strokes with most aluminum rods.
    Use Milodon Oil Pump 697-18760,
    Oil pump pickup 697-18300,
    Oil pump shaft 697-23060,
    Rear pan baffle 697-32505,
    Windage tray 697-32200 (solid louvered tray) or 697-32260 (diamond mesh tray),
    Windage tray install kit 697-81151,
    Rear pan baffle 697-32505,
    Dipstick 697-22010.

    Milodon 31100 - Milodon Street/Strip Oil Pans

    Designed for performance street and drag strip applications, these well engineered oil pans actually free up additional horsepower. Deep sumps provide ample oil supply and the low profile give adequate oil supply and maximum available ground clearance. Clears stock chassis, steering and most headers as listed. This is a necessity where high volume oil pumps and increased RPM ranges are used. Made in the U.S.A.

    Street/Strip - Low Profile

    The Low Profile "triangulated" sump design that was originally developed by Milodon over two decades ago gives both adequate ground clearance, as well as sufficient oil capacity for any kind of high performance use. This pan is equally suited for use on the street or strip. Oil control baffles 100% subdue oil movement and provide increased horsepower.

    Street/Strip - Stroker Low Profile

    Uses high horsepower output design. The front of the oil pan is deeper to allow the use of a full length, competition style tray included. Tray is attached in the pan by quick release fasteners to allow easy removal. The pan will fit stock crossmember cars without modification, as well as, stock starters and oil filters.

    Street/Strip - Street Performance

    Specifically designed for applications that desire improvements over stock oil pans yet do not want a high cost racing oil pan. While appearing stock on the outside, it contains sufficient horizontal baffling to 100% control 5 qts. of oil. Internal mounted windage tray provides increased power yet requires no block mounting to install. A complete low cost performance package.

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